Friday, September 10, 2010

Let's Twitter it Up Bitches

Fridays have become a better popular day over in the Twitterverse, as it's become tradition to give a few shoutouts to some of your followers as part of "Follow Friday". Very clever with the term, I know. We're taking it one step further here at The Bucky Channel, spotlighting one of our followers right here on the blog. I initially pitched this as a weekly feature last week, so I suppose I should at least try to keep it going for another week.

While it's true that the Brewers are pretty much an afterthought this summer, twenty-eight years ago they were all the rage of Brew City. And if you weren't old enough, or even alive, to get caught up in the pennant race from 1982, now is the time to relive the magic. Follow every game, every news item, and every highlight from the 1982 Brewers season with @TweetsFrom1982.

And make sure you also follow us @thebuckychannel, as we continue to tweet unfounded Darelle Revis to Green Bay rumors!


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