Friday, September 17, 2010

Randy Wolf, What the Fuck!

I could have gone all CBS and put Randy Wolf, What the $@!%, but I thought laying down an actual curse word would be more effective (Seriously though, William Shatner's new comedy will be on for six weeks, tops. It's never a good idea to base a show off of a website. Remember the Baby Bob show?) I know I've been non responsive lately when it comes to the Brewers, but when Randy Wolf pitches a complete game three hitter against a playoff contender something has to be said for that. Nine innings, three hits, no runs, six strikeouts against the San Francisco Giants in their ballpark. WHHHAAAATTT!

Wolf has actually been pitching very well as of late, coming back from a terrible first half of the season in which he drew plenty of Jeff Suppan comparisons. He hasn't pitched like a Cy Young winner or anything, but he now has five wins in his last eight starts, and he's dropped his ERA from 5.20 on July 27th to 4.32 as of today. His last start before his gem against the Giants was a loss, but it was an effort that saw him go eight innings, allowing just one run against the Cubs. I don't know why it took him so long to pitch like this, but if he can keep this up next year, then who knows what might happen. We might be a .500 team after all.

So congratulations Randy Wolf, not only for your accomplishments as of late, but for making me include a curse word in the title of a post since for the first time since Favre beat the Packers.


Daniel C said...
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Daniel C said...

I looked at that Packer post and looked at my comments. Gonna give myself a pat on the back. Looks pretty spot on to me...

We got the Wild Card and almost go the Division. Finley became a break out stud. Rodgers is still amazing, and the Pack are Super Bowl contenders, but a year out, imo.

Oh, this is a Brewer post? Good job, Wolf. Good job.

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