Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thompson Takes Chance on Dimitri Nance

When news quickly spread that Ryan Grant's season was officially over, the immediate question became just who exactly would replace him on the roster. It was a no-brainer that Brandon Jackson would take over the starting running back duties on this team for the time being, but Grant's roster spot needed to be filled. The answer to the question was a name not too many Packers fans may have even heard of in Dimitri Nance, who the Packers poached off of the Falcons practice squad on Tuesday afternoon.

Nance has a build slightly similar to that of Ryan Grant at 5'11'' and 211 pounds, but don't expect this kid to be a third round fantasy pick anytime soon. Still, I'm more than willing to give this kid a shot as he will likely settle into the emergency running back until he gets more assimilated into the system. Brandon Jackson will likely be given a long leash in these next couple of weeks to cement himself as the starter, and I really don't think Nance is anything more than a short-term fix.

For those of you that thought Teddy might have gone out and picked up a Willie Parker, or even traded for a Laurence Maroney (who was traded to Denver on Tuesday), you had to realize that Thompson is all about going for the hidden gem. Hell, that's exactly what Ryan Grant was - a running back that was pushed off the active roster because of the guys in front of him (Jacobs, Bradshaw, and Ward in New York). Nance was behind Turner, Norwood, and Snelling, but it's yet to be seen whether or he can get lightning to strike twice. I'd be more comfortable if we still had a guy like Kregg Lumpkin that is familiar with the territory, but I'm excited to learn more about what Nance has to offer.


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