Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Work Hard. Play Hard.

So it begins on Tuesday, as the Bucks start training camp. All the talk this off-season about the moves they made and people they drafted doesn't mean much unless you produce during the season. I really can't say when the last time I was this excited about an upcoming Bucks season. Maybe 2001? The difference between 2001 and now though is this year we just have a lot of skill players. We don't have three big names, and then a group put around them.

This 2010 team is a team's team. To win they will have to play together, and not rely on one person to carry them. Don't get me wrong - Jennings, Bogut, or Maggette on any given night could score 30 plus points and be the alpha dog. But for this team to truly be successful, they need to play tough defense, and work the ball around for the best shot.

As we go forward though, it sounds like a few guys will be missing training camp for the Bucks as Darington Hobson had surgery. Corey Maggette may also miss all of camp, but should be ready for the season. With those few bad notes it's nice to share along that Andrew Bogut will be ready for camp. So we really can't be upset with where this team stands now on the injury front. Nothing real major other than Hobson who miss a good amount of time, but I feel he is still too young to get quality minutes on this team.

There is a lot of change going on this year in the NBA, but for Bucks fans the change has been the fact that people can now be excited for this team. It's not often the case when people are looking forward to opening night for Bucks Basketball, but this year something just feels different. Maybe it's because we are coming off a playoff appearance, maybe it's the fact that sports reporters are talking about us having a shot at the Central, or maybe it is just because the Brewers failed us so bad this season. I can't tell you exactly what it is, but it just feels good right now to be a Bucks fan. Here is a list of the Bucks training camp roster, as they added a few guys right before the start of camp. Lets hope this truly is a good year for Bucks Basketball.


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