Monday, September 13, 2010

Wynn Called Back to Fill Harrell's Spot

Oh man, how does your heart just not bleed for Justin Harrell at this point? He never asked to be drafted so absurdly high after a season where he was coming off of an injury, but that's what happened. Also what happened: a ton more injuries. After a preseason where he legitimately played his way onto the roster, Harrell is exiting the 2010 campaign after just one game. It's a sad story for the former first round pick, as he's just never been able to stay healthy. This latest injury, a torn ACL, is going to cost him his season, and possibly his career.

Taking his place on the 53 will be Jarious Wynn, a sixth-round pick from last season that was a casualty of the final cuts. When you get cut in the NFL, you're always still just an injury away from making it back on a roster and that is what happened in Wynn's case. Wynn should get some serious time this week against Buffalo, especially if Cullen Jenkins can't go. Hell, the Packers were so depleted at the end of last Sunday's game that Josh Sitton nearly came in for a goal-line stand. Wynn's services are needed, no doubt. Best of luck.


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