Thursday, October 28, 2010


then it was the elbow...
then it was the controversy over the texts and dong shots...
now it's the fucking ankle again...
...and I believe the elbow worked it's way back into the conversation as well.

Will he play? Will Childress sit him? Will Favre sit himself? Yada, yada, yada...

Holy shit, the World Series is going on, one of the most highly anticipated (for some) NBA seasons ever has started, the NHL is in full swing, the college football landscape is starting to take shape...take your pick! How this guy's body parts are garnering THIS much attention is beyond me! Was everyone making this big of a deal about his broken thumb in 2003? I can't recall distinctly, I've had beer since then, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't absolutely dominating the headlines. I don't remember Brett being such an attention whore in Green Bay...other than the yearly will he/won't he retire drama that dominated his last few off-seasons as a Packer. The guy sent this picture of his leg along with the first ankle picture to the producers of Sunday Night Football to illustrate how hurt he truely was after the big, bad Saints beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship game. Frankly, this borders on him being a complete candy-ass by trying to either show the world how "mean" the Saints defense was to him or just more excuses for why the Vikings lost the game. It purely illustrates that he wants the attention and is not simply a symptom of his popularity or his fame as some would like you to believe...I'm looking at you WWL. It's very bizarre to watch this whole thing and see his once golden career turn into a sadistic circus side-show.

While he drones on and on about how "The Streak" should have ended long ago and that he only wants to play because he wants to help the team the whole smacks of selfishness. Without question, the dude is tough SOB...but his ankle is FUCKING BROKEN! Are there any other players who would be allowed to play in his condition? I do believe his intentions are true and he wants to be out there if he can, it's why he's playing this season, but I can see him hobbling out there for a few snaps...even a few series on Sunday then sitting the rest of the game. Should that happen, in my mind, his consecutive games started streak ends because that's just a sham. Why not keep the guy on the team for the next 40 years and just roll his wheelchair out behind the center for the first snap of each game?


Winks said...

I envision something similar to a start of Peyton Manning's many years ago. In fact, I even felt like looking it up.

January 2, 2005

Colts have playoffs wrapped up

Colts lost at Broncos 33-14. Why?

Peyton Manning goes one for two, six yards. Sorgi comes in after that, has a decent day 16/25, 168 yards, 2 TD.

I remember being mad at Peyton for doing that because I was still in the tank for Favre at the time. Now? Godspeed, Peyton.

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