Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anthony Smith Back in the Fold

For those of us clamoring for the Packers to finally make a trade, we sort of got our wish on Sunday night. Even though we're losing linebackers every week, we still don't have a true number one running back, and our offensive line is a joke, we didn't upgrade at any of those positions. Instead, even though Atari Bigby is on his way back from the PUP list, the Packers went out and traded for a safety. The newest member of the Packers is someone you may be familiar with as well, Anthony Smith.

Smith was with us for the preseason last year but then cut in favor of Aaron Rouse, even though Rouse was cut not much long after. The release of Smith was a bit alarming because he was one of the few players in camp with experience in the 3-4, and he was a favorite of Dom Capers. Charles Woodson even went so far to say that the Packers could have beat the Vikings in their first matchup last season had the team still had him. Ted Thompson has realized his mistake since then, as this wasn't the first time he tried to bring Smith back to Green Bay, with the previous instance occuring when he was then waived by the Rams after his stint in Green Bay. But he's back in the mix now, all for just a conditional seventh round pick.

I'm for the move because it does make the team stronger, and with the way the injuries are happening perhaps we will need more depth at safety. The trade deadline is this week on Tuesday, so if Teddy wants to improve any other areas via that option his time is running out do to so.


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