Friday, October 29, 2010

Are NFL Referees Too Dependent on Replay?

Just a quick note to posit something in the back of your minds entering another big football weekend. It seems that the NFL had a conference call that included all officials Friday. What was truely discussed is unknown to us but with the recent rash of poor calls, we're inclined to believe that this was obviously aimed to refocus these guys and make sure they all know how important their calls are. While replay is a back-up and a tool for coaches to use, it is certainly limited and the initial calls are of utmost importance.

To emphasize this point, consider that should the video replay prove to be inconclusive, the call made on the field is defaulted to. Likewise, as was previously stated, coaches are limited to 3 play challenges at most and these are things that are saved for crucial times. To force a coach to waste a challenge on a somewhat trivial play or to fix a blatantly poor call is ridiculously callous. The Non-touchdown touchdown to Percy Harvin last Sunday is just one example. The line judge was right there. He could not have been any closer or in better position yet still made a snap call. Harvin's foot wasn't even partially in-bounds.

We're hoping the NFL got these gentlemen straight because these games are getting crucial quite quickly with the records bunching up like they are...especially in the NFC.

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