Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BCS: The Bucky Channel Standings

Since the BCS is garbage and is constantly looking for ways to screw legitimate contenders such as Boise State and TCU out of a shot at the national title game, the Bucky Channel is going to take it upon ourselves and present our (well, at least my) top ten standings each week in college football. Keep in mind, I'm insanely bias towards the mid-majors because I think their inclusion into a national title game will finally lead to a college football playoff. Why do I want a college football playoff you ask? Because a) how the hell else are the Badgers ever going to compete for a national title and b) um, it only makes sense. Now, in reverse order for cheap suspense:

10. Wisconsin - As great as that win against the Buckeyes was, it just hurts that much more that we couldn't get the job done against Michigan State. But still, take nothing away from the Badgers here because that's about as big as a victory as I've ever seen that program have, and it was awesome to be in Madison for the weekend, and only fueled the regrets of mine that I went to UW-La Crosse instead of trying to get into Madison. I didn't even apply there for some reason, and it remains one of the great mysteries of my life. Sad life decisions aside, the Badgers win was so awesome that on his radio show Monday Scott Van Pelt tried to use the phrase "Ground Zero" in a positive manner. Yeah, as in the phrase that will be ever associated with the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history, Van Pelt tried to instead say that Madison was "Ground Zero" of the college football world this past Saturday. And you know what, it worked. I'd put them probably at five right now if they were undefeated, but for now we hope for a Rose Bowl bid, and after that win I think that anything outside of a BCS bowl is a disappointment.

9. Utah - Utah kicked off the season with an overtime win against Pittsburgh but after that, the schedule is pretty weak. They have Notre Dame coming up and of course the big matchup against TCU, but it just doesn't seem like this team will be able to get to the title game even if they go undefeated. Now, if Boise State, TCU, and everyone else in front of them loses at least one game and they remain unbeaten, then I think you gotta put them in the Championship. That's just the philosophy I'm going with regarding this crazy, crazy, system.

8. Alabama - Ranking Alabama over Utah hurts me because I like to rank the undefeated teams ahead of any teams that have lost, because I'm just one of those guys that always figured teams with no losses were better than teams with losses. But you match up those two teams and I think Alabama wins, so they get the nod here.

7. Michigan State - This is where a lot of people are ranking Alabama over the remaining undefeated teams, but I'm just not convinced that Alabama would beat the Spartans that this point. They got something going with the old "win one for the gipper" morale over in East Lansing, and they have two big wins against Michigan and Wisconsin already on the young Big Ten season. Plus, the Notre Dame victory made more people (like me) like them more because it wasn't just that they beat the Irish, it was how they beat the Irish via the fake field goal in overtime. That's the kind of stuff that gets you noticed in a sport where there are more than fifty games per week, and I definitely am ranking them this high because of plays like that.

6/5. LSU vs. Auburn - I have no problem putting these two undefeated SEC teams at six and five respectively, and what do you know? They play each other this weekend! See, this is where I get mad at college football because the argument against the playoff system is that technically every week is a playoff. That's the argument. While that's a very nice way to paint a piece of shit gold, it's kind of true this week. Whoever wins this game has to leapfrog Oklahoma and the TCU / Boise combo (expect in my bias eyes). The loser is pretty much done. That's kind of like a playoff right? Yes, a very stupid and illogical playoff.

4. Oklahoma - The Sooners being number one in the real BCS standings means that either the real polls don't mean much or the BCS poll means nothing this early. Yeah, their body of work is impressive (beating Texas, Florida State, and Cincinnati) but really if they, TCU, and Boise State are the only teams to win out then you know the Sooners will make the title game purely based on the fact that they are in the Big 12, or whatever is left of it. Big game for the Sooners against Missouri this week. I am actively rooting for Missouri.

3. TCU - I love the non-BCS conference teams, and here's where that becomes evident. We all know that TCU and Boise State are going to go undefeated, although the Horned Frogs do have a tough game against Utah in three weeks, but still, even if they both go undefeated I'm not even 20 percent confident they would both be granted spots in the title game. If not this season, I'm not sure if it's ever going to happen.

2. Boise State - Ahhh, I just can't put them at number one yet, although I really should. The problem with the voters in the polls is that they are going to keep looking for reasons and teams to place against of the Broncos, and that is kind of what I've done here. Honestly, if this team goes undefeated this season and is wronged out of a national title game opportunity again, maybe that would be more of a cry for a playoff than if they made the game. Doubt it though, because the leaders of the college football world hate change. But Boise State hasn't lost a game in nearly two years, and that includes matchups against both TCU and Oregon. If they are not in the title game this year, then all the time I've spent watching college football in 2010 will have been wasted.

1. Oregon - As much as I want to put a team outside of the power six at the top spot, as of now I gotta go with the Ducks as the best team in the country. Convincing wins in their conference have been a strong mark on their resume so far, and they even beat Arizona State by more than an extra point. Their win against Stanford is what puts them up here for me, but their defense has been giving a lot of points up as of late. The Pac-10 is the toughest conference out of the six, but they are in the drivers seat at this point for me. A date with Boise State in January looms if they keep up this pace.


Anonymous said...

no way is michigan state for real

Turtle said...

Gotta agree here. Beat ND on a fake FG that almost killed their coach and the win at Wisconsin was primarily due to Bucky's numerous dropped passes.

Turtle said...

Gotta agree here. Beat ND on a fake FG that almost killed their coach and the win at Wisconsin was primarily due to Bucky's numerous dropped passes.

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