Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BCS: The Bucky Channel Standings

How often on this site have I posted a column, proclaimed it to be a weekly sort of affair, only to never follow up on it again? Well, if you haven't noticed, times are changing, so let's give the Bucky Channel Standings another stab. As of now, the goal is still to see a BCS National Championship Game featuring TCU and Bosie State, and then to see Wisconsin in the second highest bowl game. But here my standings on who deserves a shot in the title game if the season ended today:

Dropping Out: Oklahoma (4th), LSU (6th)

10. Ohio State (LW: NR) - It was between the Buckeyes and two other one loss teams (LSU, Oklahoma) for the ten spot, but of the three I think that Ohio State still has the best team. Had Ohio State beat the Badgers, they would still be the number team even if the other two were still undefeated as well. The Buckeyes will look to re-establish themselves in front of a primetime audience again this weekend as they take on the Golden Gophers Saturday night on ABC. Minnesota will have no idea what they are doing in primetime, expect the Buckeyes to win by at least 40.

9. Wisconsin (LW: 10) - Huge win for the Badgers against Iowa last weekend, and if they were undefeated I would rank them either two or three. The homer in me would probably put them at two, hell I might even just put them all the way at one, why not? But it's irrelevant at this point, and because there is no playoff system. The goal for Bielema and his squad is now getting a high BCS bowl bid. Bucky has a much needed bye week this week and then really shouldn't be tested the rest of the way, unless they blow one or something. Expect them to finish near the top of the BCS standings once a couple more of these teams in front of them start fading.

8. Utah (LW: 9) - I really don't know a thing about this team, and I'm not sure who really does. Nothing they do will matter though until their big showdown with TCU on the afternoon of Saturday November 6th. That's when we will find out a lot about both these squads, and see which one is actually for real. Still, even if Utah does win that game and still goes undefeated, I just don't think voters will give them that boost to make it to the title game.

7. Alabama (LW: 8) - Part of the reason that Utah wouldn't make it if they were undefeated is because it's widely assumed that a team like one-loss Alabama would still take care of them on a neutral field. Again, we'll never know because playoffs is a curse word in D-I college football. However, if things shake out just right for Alabama, they could still have a shot at this thing. Three top 25 teams remain on their schedule, including a showdown with current number one Auburn at the end of the regular season.

6. Michigan State (LW: 7) - I got some heat for putting Sparty even as high as seven last week, but until they lose they deserve to be this high. Not having to play Ohio State this year is unfortunate, but we'll get a pretty good test on how good they are after this weekend when they play Iowa. Actually, shit this team almost lost to Northwestern last week. Let's just pretend I kept Sparty at seven and we'll go with Bama at six. I hate Northwestern, almost losing to them might as well just be considered a loss.

5. Missouri (LW: NR) - I don't think that they are going to sustain this ranking for very long (they could very well lose to Nebraska this weekend), but right now they are undefeated and they just knocked off the top ranked team in the county. By the way, shoutout to the two fans decked out in Missouri Tigers gear last weekend at the Fond du Lac bar I was at. Quite random. The couple got pretty loaded during and after their team's big win, and there is an unwritten rule at this bar for myself and my friends that the more money other people spend, the less money we get charged. So, go Tigers!

4. TCU (LW: 3) - If they want to play in the national title game, they have to blow out their remaining non-Utah opponents, and beat Utah by at least twenty. And Auburn needs to lose. Oregon probably too. Man, sucks to be a mid-major. Again, why isn't there a playoff system yet? (Don't answer that.)

3. Auburn (LW: 5) - The BCS has them at the top due to their big win against LSU last weekend, and I'll give them the credit to leapfrog them over TCU. But the two teams in front of Auburn in my standings didn't do anything last weekend to merit a drop either, so Auburn slides in at number three. The Tigers have Ole Miss, Chattanooga (???), Georgia, and then the aforementioned game against Alabama on their schedule. I don't know if we'll see the number one team fall for the fourth straight week at Mississippi, but you know the fans at Ole Miss will be ready.

2. Boise State (LW: 2) - I still have no idea if the game that Boise State played on Tuesday night technically counted as happening last week or if it was on the schedule for this week, but whatever, they got the win. I really think that Boise State's chances on a title game rest on how Nevada does, a team that is currently ranked  #24 and a team that the Broncos face on November 26th. Nevada lost at Hawaii earlier in the year which hurts Boise in the whole strength of schedule rigmarole, but if they play well down the stretch that will only help my boys in blue.  Although I'm not very happy that Rick Reilly has joined me in the crusade, and I'm not sure why I even just linked to that asshole.

1. Oregon (LW: 1) - Okay UCLA, thanks for trying. When you are a team trying to bid for that number one spot, beating a conference opponent 60-13 on national television usually helps do that trick. Big primetime matchup at USC this weekend, but they way this Ducks team is playing I don't see them coming up short. Until they lose they'll be staying number in the Bucky Channel Standings, as if that means anything.


Unknown said...

as much as it hurts me to say, auburn should leap bsu if you watched the game tuesday at all, but the tide will take care of auburn in the iron bowl anyway so whatever. nat champ should be winner of tcu/utah v. oregon and boise state all in one game, i think it's called a FUCKING PLAYOFF. may as well toss bucky in there, fuck sparty. Git em saban!

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