Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brewers Blog Writer Association of Awesomeness

When Casey McGehee was recently named the Brewers MVP for the 2010 season by the Milwaukee chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America, it sent shockwaves through the Brew Crew blogosphere. Nothing against Casey McGehee, but I think there were a lot more worthy candidates than our man at the hot corner as to who the MVP of this team should be. Miller Park Drunk was so outraged by this award, that he basically went on a tirade against not only the Writers Association but also the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as their writers largely contributed to the voting. 

This whole discussion lead to a kind of re-voting on the issue, only this time it was done by a new faction of voters, the "Brewers Blog Writer Association of Awesomeness". The voting was spearheaded by Jaymes from the Brewers Bar, and you can check out all the results here. It's a pretty interesting read, as eleven different blogs participated in the voting, and you can see the top three vote-getters by each blog for the following category: Team MVP, Best Pitcher, Best Newcomer, Unsung Hero, and Good Guy Award. Make sure you check it out, and I've posted my results after the jump.

Oh wait, I don't have the ability to do that yet. Anyways, here are my selections:

Team MVP - Rickie Weeks, Corey Hart, Ryan Braun

* Weeks was on his way to an MVP type season before he was injured in 2009, and he definitely picked up where he left off in 2010. As Vince from MPD alluded to in his post, Weeks lead the Brewers with a 6.1 wins over replacement margin which is all the stats that I need. However, his 29 home runs and 83 RBI as a leadoff hitter don't hurt either. Corey Hart went from a platoon with aging Jim Edmonds to a bonafide All-Star, while Ryan Braun still put up respectable numbers despite a down season. In a season where no one was truly "valuable", Weeks performed at the highest level to get the award.

Best Pitcher - John Axford, Yovani Gallardo, September Randy Wolf

* I give the nod to Axford simply because he came out of nowhere. As we build towards the future, finding a new closer was in some ways the only accomplishment made by this team over the summer. Gallardo, much like Braun, had a respectable year even without living up to somewhat lofty expectations, and if Randy Wolf pitched a full season like he did in September, Ken Macha still might have a job right now.

Top Newcomer - John Axford, Lorenzo Cain, Jonathan Lucroy

* These guys were either question marks or no-names at the beginning of the season, but all three will contribute heavily to the Brewers success next season.

Unsung Hero - Prince Fielder, Trevor Hoffman, Adam Stern

* Before this season, I thought that trading Prince Fielder would making a run towards the playoffs impossible for years to come. But he managed to play so underwhelming this season that now pretty much every Brewers fan I know is ready to trade him off for pitching. His name used to get tossed around in trades for top flight aces, now basically as long as we get a pitcher that isn't half-bad is good enough for me. His lackluster season made the thought of trading him go from seeming devastating to a welcome move. Hoffman gets the unsung hero for a) sucking so bad that we were able to find a new closer for the future and b) getting his 600th save which made the Brewers seem relevant late in the season. And God Bless Adam Stern, who made the trip to and from Nashville three times in one month to help the Brewers balance their roster against early season injuries.

Good Guy Award - Chris Capuano, Gregg Zaun, Craig Counsell

* Because Cappy deserves something for this comeback. Zaun gets it for being a trooper and helping the new catchers while he likely fades off into the sunset, and Craig Counsell gets a nod because scrappy white guys usually get this award in the first place.

Thoughts on my selections or those of the other ten bloggers?


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