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Brewers Managerial Candidate Round Up

Hey now... I pinch hit Coffey for a reason

Ease of mind is a hard thing to find the day after a tough Packers loss.  In no way, shape, or form, do I want my first post here at The Bucky Channel to even slightly contain my beliefs or opinions on it.  Why you may ask?  Well, trust me, that's a bridge no one wants to cross.

Here is something none of you know about me yet, but will quickly realize, god dammit I love baseball.  Playing, watching, complaining, Ken Macha bomb plotting, I just can't get enough.  So you can probably imagine my excitement knowing someone else will be at the helm in 2011 besides Mr. Macha.  In 2011 we will be graced by a new face that by mid-July we will be chanting for his removal, please sit back and realize, we are still the Milwaukee Brewers.

Nevertheless, there are about a handful (or two) of candidates that you should know about and a few candidates you should pray never ever manage in Milwaukee.

Cecil Cooper:  Please, no.  Cooper was arguably one of the best players in Milwaukee Brewers history, and served as the bench coach in 2002.  Cooper held the helm at the Brewers Triple-A club from 03-04, and has most recently been seen managing the Houston Astros for three seasons.  In those three seasons he held a 171-170 record.  Now, you may be saying "hey, that's above .500, give him a shot".  Just no.  With a lacksadaisical style, much comparable to Macha, Cooper just cannot offer the passion we need for the young kids on this team.

Pat Listach:  Another former Brewer gunning for the helm is Pat Listach.  The former Brewer and Rookie of the Year in 1992, Listach most recently has been stuck in a void around third base in D.C with the Nationals, so what I am saying is he really hasn't been doing much.  He managed the Cubs Triple-A Iowa affiliate from 06-08, winning Manager of the Year in 2008.  Listach has already been noted saying how interested he is in this job.  If Listach were named the skipper, I wouldn't be pleading a end-all in the 2011 season, but I don't see him as the clubs long term option, again, just my opinion.

Juan Samuel: Samuel, the former Orioles interim manager managed 51 games in 2010 before the team hired Buck Showalter.  In those 51 games, the team was 17-34.  I feel bad for saying I don't know much about this guy, but hell, I don't know much about this guy.  If you take anything away from this post, just know that Juan Samuel named his son Samuel Samuel.  Yes, that's true.

Ron Roenicke:  Roenicke is a interesting guy.  He is that guy who you know has been waiting his entire managerial career to get a shot to be the top dog.  He managed 643 games a crossed six seasons in minors, and has served as the Los Angelas Angels of Anaheim bench coach since 2006.  Roenicke also holds a 4-0 managerial record when he filled in for a suspended Mike Scioscia in '06.  Roenicke is that name where if he doesn't become manager in Milwaukee, you won't think twice about it, but if he does, you might not be as disappointed as you think you would be.

Joey Cora:  Serving as the White Sox bench coach and interim manager when Ozzie Guillen losses his cool (did I mention that's a lot?).  Cora has already been contacted by the Brewers and is said to be interviewing for the job "soon".  Knowing he has sat under Guillen for six seasons, he probably has had a attitude check and developed a bit of fire.  That might sound like a bad thing, but when it comes to a manger in Milwaukee, I don't think it is.

Bobby Valentine:  I'm sure you already know this name and it is for good reasons.  Valentine has managed over three-thousand games in his career and currently has a nice comfy job at ESPN.  Valentine spoke quite "informally" with Doug Melvin, and openly said he doesn't have the "burning desire" to manage again.  With that said, he also did not rule out the fact that he would manage again, but it is pretty clear he wants to manage a winner after turning down a job with the Marlins.  It's currently unknown whether he will interview in Milwaukee, we can only hope that he does.

Bob Melvin:  Saving the favorite for last, Bob Melvin is the name and face I want to see in Milwaukee in 2011.  Melvin served as the bench coach in Milwaukee during the '90's, managed the Mariners from 03-04, and managed the D'backs from 05-09.  Yes, he only went 493-508 during those seven seasons and 1,001 regular season games, though it doesn't seem like a good record, note that includes a 63-99 record in 2004.  Melvin also led the D'backs to a NL West title in 07, a title that earned him Manager of the Year honors.  Nicknamed "The Mad Scientist" is Bob Melvin the answer to the Brewers questions?  The answer to that remains to be seen.

In my honest opinion, I do not believe who manages the Brewers in 2011 will matter all that much, the difference between Cooper and Melvin may be a handful of wins.  The Manager choice will not matter until the 2012 season.  Unless Milwaukee crash lands into a pitching gold mine, we can expect the under-performing of our pitching staff to continue.  Dump Fielder to the Giants for Bumgarner, move Lawrie for a mid-tier pitcher, and hope and pray that Rogers and Jeffress stay healthy and pan out to the expectations that the organization has for them.

I am a very biased and opinionated Brewer fan, who very much looks forward to writing for The Bucky Channel, I hope you look forward to reading my thoughts and opinions on the team as we move forward to 2011.  As I typed that last line, it just hit me that the 2010 season is still going on, but I know in a blink of an eye it will be March, and we will start this train all over again.  All Aboard.

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Anonymous said...

great stuff james and welcome aboard. perfect piece for slacker brewer fans like who dont know jack right now

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you aboard James, Great post.

Jonk said...

Ron Roenicke all the way. If I was running the search, I'd be looking for guys like him... fellas who have assisted (bench coach, third-base coach, etc) on successful teams like the Red Sox, Rays, Twins, Angels. For example, Brad Mills last year was a great hire by the Astros. He somehow got that rag-tag bunch to win 76 games this year. Please, no retreads like Bob Melvin. One Melvin is enough.

Jonk said...

Why is Bob Melvin the guy you want to see in Milwaukee in 2011? You mention how he's had two other up-and-down stints with other teams, with a few winnings seasons but overall a below-.500 record. Nowhere do you say WHY you actually want to give this guy a third shot.

James said...

Simple. Experience.

Look at the past managers in Milwaukee, seemingly none of them had much experience as a manager. Ken Macha is the exception, a poor exception that you can all throw in my face, but Bob Melvin is far from a Ken Macha. You have to take into effect the teams Melvin has coached, he had a good Mariners team for one year before they started to rebuild, and he had one good year in Arizona before they started to rebuild. If you take away the season where Bob Melvin was 38 some games under .500, he now has a winning percentage as a manager. Bobby Valentines winning percentage as manager is only .510, and he is still regarded as a great manager. Not everyone can be blessed coaching a Yankees or Red Sox team every year.

So going off of that, IN MY OPINION Melvin can bring in the experience with a manager where the Brewers have lacked the past ten years.

And there is no way you can base Bob Melvin off of Doug Melvin, no relation.

And if not Melvin, Roenicke, or Cora is my wish list.

Jonk said...

I never said Bob and Doug were related.

I like this post -- glad to see a discussion on this -- but next time when you tout Bob Melvin as the guy you want, SAY WHY. Now, in the comments, we have that. In the actual article, you just give stats and years for Melvin but never actually say why you like him.

I don't see how Bob Melvin is "far from a Ken Macha" however. Macha never had a losing season in four with Oakland -- hardly the Yankees or Red Sox that you mention.

I just can't for the life of me figure out why Bob Melvin is supposed to be an upgrade over Ken Macha. We already have seen, in TWO other places, what Melvin is made out of. He's been fired twice. One good season out of two in Seattle. One good season in four-plus in Arizona. He would just be an uninspiring choice in my opinion.

Chris said...

What about Sveum? Don't the players love playing for him?

James said...

It's all about passion. It sounds extreme to say that I don't think Ken Macha had passion, but I am going to say it. He was dry, dull, uninspiring. He's coaching one of the youngest teams in Baseball and acted like a grandfather, a unwise grandfather.

Melvin on the other hand, always managed with a bit of fury in him, I really liked the Macha hiring at first for his experience, but he lacked intensity.

I'm hoping Bob Melvin can meet in the middle, a good fit of experience, passion, and all around excitement for the game.

We could have this discussion about any of the managers that are candidates to be honest, there is never going to be the "perfect" man.

Comments are good for an article, that's what they're here for. This article wasn't meant to be an opinion article, so I really didn't elaborate on my views of them except Cooper and a small amount of Melvin, so I have absolutely no problem discussing them here.

And Chris, I would of been totally for keeping Sveum as the manager, he lacked the experience, but he did get along with the team and flowed well with them, unfortunately I don't make that call.

Anonymous said...

The Bucky Channel Lives! Welcome James!

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