Monday, October 25, 2010

The Bucky Five: I Couldn't Be Happier

1. Thank God - In the three years that I have been doing this blog, I've pretty much said everything that I could possibly say about why I hate Brett Favre, and why I know that no matter how much time passes, I will never like this guy again. And when you hate an opposing player as much as I hate Favre, watching these kind of games is a completely different kind of experience. I'm not sure what I would be writing right now if the Packers lost this game, or if I even would have written anything at all. Standings aside, this was a must win game for the Packers organization because had they lost, this would have been three loses (two at home) to the guy who left you for "retirement" in one of the ugliest divorces in sports history. As a Packer fan, I just don't know how I would have been able to deal with that reality.

The Packers did thankfully win the game 28-24, although it looked like Favre pulled out another miracle when he hit Percy Harvin in the back of the zone with under a minute left. Seeing Favre celebrate after that catch in front of the fans that used to adore him always breaks my heart, and this was no exception. But Harvin never came down in bounds, and the touchdown was wiped off the board. That lead to a 4th and 15 opportunity for the Vikings, and one final chance for Favre to be the hero. I can only imagine what the talk would be if he ended up hitting Randy Moss on the same play where he first fell down, but again, thankfully that was not the case. Favre couldn't pull off the magic, and that was the ballgame (although what's the deal with just a three man rush? Injuries or not, we need a pass rush there). The Packers got a crucial win against a division opponent, and they now sit at 4-3 in a tie for first place. The season, at the moment, appears to be back on track.

As for Favre, I'm done with him on all accounts. Watching him throw those three interceptions tonight was some of the best television I have ever seen, most especially the Desmond Bishop return for a touchdown. I mean, I still can't believe that there are people that call themselves Packers fans even though they still root for this asshole. Classic Favre tonight on all accounts too. Oh, I threw a pick? Better limp off the field now. Love the way that he looks fine all drive long only to limp back off the field once the drive is over (either via a touchdown or interception). If you didn't see his post game press conference either, it's quite a treat. Favre actually grabs a light pole for help as he is walking off of the stage, and then limps his 41-year old ass all the way to the bus. What a douche.

Sadly, I drafted this fuck on my fantasy team because at the time it was the eighth round, and he was in fact the best quarterback available. I've only started him once this season (I think against Detroit), but I will be starting him no more. Just cut him about twenty minutes ago. Not for anyone either. Just outright cut him. Any Facebook friends of mine that put up pro-Favre messages, they have been deleted. My Facebook status right now is "Thank God", and a Viking friend of mine responded "No, thank the officials." He won't be making any more comments, as he has been deleted as a friend. I'm not messing around here. Favre is a dick, and I don't want him anywhere in my life ever again. I know for a fact that I will never like this guy again, good riddance.

2. They Are Gone Now, But For a Moment There I Had Gay Feelings For Chad Clifton - Gotta agree with Cris Collinsworth on this one, Chad Clifton was the MVP of this game. In two games against the Vikings last season, Aaron Rodgers was thrown to the ground fourteen times. It was the difference between two wins or two losses against the Vikings last season. Sunday night, not a single sack, and that was mainly because of how Chad Clifted just pwned (ha, I hate that word, not sure why I just did that) Jared Allen. Sure Allen did get a pick because Aaron Rodgers made an incredibly weird mistake, but never once was Rodgers in jeopardy of being thrown to the ground. Also in the running for MVP? The fans that stayed by the tunnel to boo the shit out of Favre as he left the field. Earplugs or not, I know he heard those loud and clear. Just retire arleady you jackass.

3. Rodgers Still a Bit Off - There were feelings among us that perhaps Aaron Rodgers would never be able to beat his mentor, but he did finally get that monkey off of his back with the victory. Still, he wasn't clicking on all cylinders at all tonight either. The term "back-shoulder throws" has now entered our vocabulary because of how inaccurate Rodgers was on some of those passes, and there were many times he and his receivers just did not appear to be on the same page. He did end up with nearly three hundred yards and he did have two touchdowns, one of which came via Greg Jennings PUTTING THE TEAM ON HIS BACK THOUGH! DAWG! FUCK YOU GUMBY! I'm not too worried about him however, and watching him celebrate after the game almost brought tears to my eyes. Kind of like the way that Favre used to do. Sad.

Oh and just saw this on ESPN - Rodgers won for only the second time in his career on games decided by four or less points. Incredible.

4. I Can't See Real Well, Did We Just Establish a Running Game? -  Nothing spectacular, but very solid performance from the backs tonight. Brandon Jackson finally looks like he's settling into this role and even though we'll always be pass first with this team, Jackson is becoming a legit starter. Fifty-eight yards isn't going to blow up the box score, but I'll take his 4.5 yards per carry tonight anyday. John Kuhn had a great second effort to get a first down on fourth-and-1 late in the game, but running that play twice on the same drive was a bit questionable (a bit questionable = incredibly stupid).

5. Oh, But That Pass From Matt Flynn - Oh man was this play brilliant. Early on in the game, the Packers lined up for a long Mason Crosby field goal, only to flank Crosby out right and then bring Matt Flynn (set up to hold at the time) to take the snap. The Vikings had to quickly adjust, and even in doing so Andrew Quarless was still wide open after a beautiful pass from Matt Flynn (easily the best throw of the night, by any quarterback). Quarless must have been nervous though for such a big play, because his legs buckled from under him and he fell on his own accord. It's worth noting here because of how uncharacteristic it was to see McCarthy run something like that, and I hope he continues with that kind of play calling and trickery in the future. Great play, just not a great result.

We'll have more Packers coverage in the coming days, but this is going to be a good week. This whole beating Favre thing is a new experience for me, and I'm definitely going to enjoy it. After that throw sailed over Moss's head on the final play (which Moss short-armed for some reason, but thank you), I was silent and fell to the ground and planted my face in the carpet, not saying a word. Coincidentally, that likely would have been my same reaction had the Packers loss, but I was so exhausted with emotion (actually sweat during this one) that I just needed to collapse. It's insane that I feel this strongly about something I have no control over, but finally I was rewarded for all the time I spend worrying about, caring about, and following this team. This was one of the best Packer wins of my lifetime no question. I'll have to let it settle before I see where it ranks, but I'll remember this night for a long, long, time. Thank you Packers. Thank you so so much.


Winks said...

I predicted Packers 27, Vikings 23 in a post I wrote earlier this week. Just wanted to quickly brag about that.

Chris said...

Content worthy of a read, thanks Winks. I am may not have the same high level of Favre hatred, though it comes close, I had the same reaction at the end of the game. With the close Badgers game and last nights Packer game, I needed a day off. So I took one. I do pose a question, was it my hatred for Favre, or did Collinsworth have Favre's and the Vikings penis' in his mouth all night? I feel that we barely heard any uber positive remarks about the Pack compared to the Vikes.

CC said...

It's funny that you say you just collapsed after he threw that last incompletion. I was at the game and the stadium was quite for about 4 seconds, 2 seconds while the ball was in the air and another 2 after the incompletion. It was like everyone was looking for a flag or looking to see the Packers get fucked over for just a second or two until the place went nuts. This year was a bit different at the game, there didn't seem to be as many people that were pro Favre fans like last year. Also there was a great sign put up in front of us. "#4 Football is a game of inches" Thought that was very clever. Fuck Favre, Fuck the Vikes, great win for the Pack!!!

Nick said...

Good post Winks. Look; I know the playcalling wasn't great, Rodgers did not seem to even know where his recievers were going to be, Quarless messed up what would have been the sweetest play of the season, and we continually gave the ball back to the Vikes when we could have put this away...I don't care, I wanted this so damn much last year that it actually brought a tear to my eye when it sunk in that the Packers actually won. I mean I'm with CC, I was waiting for a flag of some sort, I mean the Packers have been so un-clutch for the last, oh, 12 years that you practically expect it. Remember last year's Steelers game? My God. I got no sleep and have to work now but I don't care. I love this team.

Tony Brown said...

It's posts like this that make me very happy that Al Gore created the internet.

Chris said...

It was De-wait for it....-Lightful. Great write up

b2 said...

Even though he dicked up that fake field goal, congrats from Mort to "Bernard Quarles" for catching that TD earlier.

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