Friday, October 22, 2010

Department of Upset Security October 23, 2010

The Bucky Channel's Department of Upset Security has issued the following threat level warnings for the weekend of October 23, 2010:

Threat Level Green (Low Chance of Upset)
Nebraska -6 @ Oklahoma State: On the surface this one looks like a prime opportunity for the Cowboys to pull a big win for their program and send the Huskers out with one more kick in the pants before they leave for Big Ten Country. But Nebraska is coming off of a tough loss to arch-rival Texas last week and believe me QB Taylor Martinez and company don't want to make it two in a row. OSU's defense won't be able to slow down Nebraska's high powered offense and Bo Pelini will keep his team in the hunt for the Big 12 Title.

Threat Level Blue (Guarded Chance of Upset)
Michigan State -6 1/2 @ Northwestern
As one Michigan State fan told TBC this week, "this is usually where Sparty falls. Big game next week against Iowa, and whoops we forgot to play Northwestern first." As all Badger fans know, it is no easy task to roll into Evanston and come out with a win. But Michigan State knows these things as well. With their schedule, this could be a year of destiny for the Spartans. Last week MSU's defense showed that they can make big stops when they need to in big spots. Look for Le'Veon Bell to have a big day.

Threat Level Yellow (Elevated Chance of Upset)
Oklahoma -3 @ Missouri
The Missouri Tigers may be the best team that nobody is talking about this season. Some people would say it's because they have yet to play a really tough opponent. Personally, I don't care who they've played Blaine Gabbert can sling it, and Columbia will be rocking. The #1 ranked team in the country (according to the BCS anyways) is rolling into town for a 6pm start (sound familiar Badger Nation?), this will be a battle to say the least. If the Tigers want to pull this one off it will start with containing DeMarco Murray. If that happens, watch out Sooners.

Threat Level Orange (High Risk of Upset)
Iowa -6 vs. Wisconsin
No surprise here. You all know the story on this. To me it comes down to two things: Can Wisconsin's O-Line move Iowa's D-Line? And can Wisconsin hang on to the football? With scattered thunderstorms predicted for Saturday afternoon, this could turn into a sloppy mess, which usually favors the underdog.

Threat Level Red (Severe Risk of Upset)
Auburn -6 vs. LSU
In my opinion, this is THE must watch game of the weekend. This is the perfect storm of both teams' strengths being pitted against one another with Auburn's amazing offense (scored 35+ in each of the last four games) going up against LSU's vaunted defense. On the flipside, Auburn's defense is pourous at best, and I'll take the first 11 readers of this post to stop LSU's offense. So who comes through when it matters most? I'm thinking that it will be Auburn's D, but I really have no evidence to back that up, so here Auburn sits at threat level red, looking to escape and keep their National Title hopes alive. It would be nice to say that the winner of this game will play for the National Championship, but both have Alabama remaining on the schedule, and the BCS computers are already starting to short-circuit looking at what could happen when all of the pieces finally fall into place.


Anonymous said...

What about threat level midnight?

Turtle said...
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Turtle said...

I think the bigger question is Wisconsin's D-line moving the Iowa O-line. As long as Sconnie's O-line can hold (not literally) the line of scrimmage and create a few holes or give Tolzien some time, I think Wisconsin will win. The biggest concern is the "let-down" factor after a huge win last week.

B said...

Should have put Fondy soccer and Neenah on there

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