Friday, October 22, 2010

Doug Melvin on "Night of Too Many Stars"

I came home from work last night to my roommates saying "Dude, Doug Melvin was on Night of Too Many Stars with Jimmy Kimmel."  My obvious response was "are we talking about the same Doug Melvin here?"

Answer: Yes.


Chris said...

It took 12 years, but someone finally topped Brett Favre in "Something About Mary" for most awkward entertainment appearance by a Wisconsin sports figure.

James said...

Amen to that, I really want to know where the inspiration for this came from... Does Kimmel have a relationship with Melvin that I am unaware of? Why DM?

Anonymous said...

Good to see Doug Melvin hard at work during one of the biggest offseasons in Brewers history. Talk about random.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome

Anonymous said...

James is 2-for-2

Turtle said...

Brillantly many people watching have never heard of Doug Melvin?

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