Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Early Thoughts About Favre Bowl III

Jimmy Kimmel always knows how to teeter the line between wholesome and offensive, doesn't he? (h/t by the way to Outside the Boxscore). And by that I mean the comedy on this show is just tasteful enough that your grandparents will laugh, but anything more than that and the joke either goes over their heads or they turn off the channel. That's nothing against Jimmy Kimmel, I've always found the guy humorous and his continual onslaught of Jay Leno will always make him a favorite in my book.

Speaking of, football's version of Jay Leno returns to Lambeau Field this weekend in what can only be billed as Favre Bowl III, because just like every scandal is now followed with the "gate" moniker, every big football game is now followed with "bowl". Douche Favre returns to Lambeau this Sunday night in what will likely be his final appearance there, because if the Packers do cave in and retire his number it will likely be done via a press release instead of in public. Last year, Favre beat the Packers twice including to his visit at Lambeau Field, and the hype around that game was insurmountable. This year, not so much.

Even though the game is probably just as big as far as the teams and their schedules go (the Pack at 3-3 need to recover from two OT losses in a row, while the Vikings at 2-3 can't afford to fall much further behind in the division), the hype is definitely a lot less noticeable this time around. Last year, I was sweating all week before both of these games were played, both times threatening to end my life if Favre were to beat the Packers. This year, it almost seems like just another game. It's not because I'm done hating Favre, because I'm not, but it's more or less because I just don't care anymore. I mean, we better sack his ass and hopefully murder him on Sunday, but if we don't, I'll view it more as another shitty Packers loss rather than a dreadful defeat at the hands of a hated rival, if that makes sense.

I guess what I'm saying is that while last year these games were life or death to me, this year I'm just a little numb right now. Numb that the Packers aren't living up to their lofty expectations, numb that we just came off two heartbreaking losses in a row, numb that whether it's for how he plays or if he's coming back or what his dick may or may not look like the simple fact is Favre will never be out of the spotlight. The Packers need a win this weekend because they can't afford to go to 3-4 in my opinion, not because we need revenge on Favre.

But seriously, I can't imagine what the scene will be like in Titletown if we drop this game. Early prediction is that I think we're going to pull this one out. Maybe go down right away on a Favre to Moss score which will require a change of pants for Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels. Come back with some tough play from a returning Clay Matthews and then finally see Rodgers play a little more comfortably. Early guess I'll go Packers 27, Vikings 23, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch this one. Maybe I should go back to becoming a WWE fan and order their pay-per-view this weekend instead.


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looks like toyota has taken over the scott walker lockdown on thebuckychannel. scott walker <3 thebuckychannel - git 'em scott!

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