Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Elimination Game: Brewers Managerial Opening

It is still unclear who will be the manager for 2011, but Doug Melvin has stated that he has narrowed his search down to four. Though those four are currently being unnamed, one name that won't be in that group is Pat Listach. Listach was contacted by Doug Melvin yesterday and informed him that he is not one of the four finalists for the team's managerial vacancy.

"Doug called me and told me I'm not in the final group," said Listach. "It was disappointing, of course, but I look at it as a positive experience to interview for the job."

It is hard to speculate on who the final four could be, but from my stand point the list would include Bob Melvin, Joey Cora, Tim Wallach, and Ron Roenicke.

Melvin stated that his search would last another seven to ten days.


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