Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Half Observations - Iowa 13 Wisky 10

1. Ricky Stanzi has dropped back to pass 17 times in the first half and not a single blitz. This kid threw 15 interceptions last year and anyone who has EVER watched this kid knows he cannot function with people in his face. Instead of blitzing we are rushing 4, dropping back 7 and still getting picked apart.
2. Kendricks and White both hurt in the first half. Are the Packers rubbing off on the Badgers?
3. Has anyone seen J.J. Watt? They've moved him around, bringing him from both the right side and the left side of the defense, yet he's not getting it done.
4. That's some kicking game the Hawkeyes have. Should really be 17-10 at half but their kick game has left 4 points on the field. As a Badgers fan you have to really hope that comes back to bite them in the end.
5. Bielema, you really think a 67 yard field goal has a better percentage of success as a Hail Mary.


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