Friday, October 29, 2010

A Form of News...

So it's Friday morning and ESPN flashed BREAKING NEWS across the bottom of the screen while I struggled through yet another horrendous Mike & Mike in the Morning show. Brad Childress is apparently leaning toward starting Tarvaris Jackson. Really? THAT'S breaking news? Breaking news would be if Jackson IS going to start. That is simply a nugget of news, a rumor, a report...something the local beat writer heard from the masseuse giving him a handy behind the Mall of America. It's no secret that ESPN has a hard-on for ol' Brett, but good grief!

Also, I find this whole situation fishy. This whole suspension is looming large, though you wouldn't know it if all you read/see comes from ESPN. Think about would one of the NFL's all time stars and the holder of, let's be honest, one of the greatest records ever look if he has that record snapped by a suspension? Not a suspension for bumping a ref or even DWI but a suspension for sending cock shots and other messages to a sideline reporter. Tell me, what sounds better: "NFL's Iron Man finally grounded by injury" or "'DONG' the bell tolls, Favre's record over"? Sterger is still fishing for cash from Favre and if she gets it, this all most likely gets swept aside, but if she talks...I have a feeling that ankle's going to really flare up and cause this record to end.

By the way, is the Mike & Mike show not THE WORST show? The only redeeming quality is the guest line-up. Buster Olney, Tim Kurkjian, Jon Gruden, the occasional athelete, etc. Take away the awful Dick Vitale segment and their GOD AWFUL fake laughing (that's enough fellas, we know YOU don't even think that stuff is funny) at the ridiculously tired and unfunny jokes and you might have something. Oh, and their opinions are simply just retreads which we hear weekly as well as their banter between guests. Also, the stupid skits, games, EVERYTHING is branded...holy shit, I just realized, the entire show is pure dreck! It time for a changing of the guard...Van Pelt in the Morning?


Winks said...

Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo are about the only reasons I still have an inkling of faith in the Mothership at this point.

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