Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hornets Sting Bucks in Opener

Look at it this way, even the much hyped Miami Heat lost their first game. What I'm saying is that I'm not worried that the Bucks dropped their first game of the year at New Orleans. One thing I do know, we better not start off on the road next season, again. Anyway, back to Wednesday nights game. I was unable to see the early part of the game, so it will be a quick recap tonight.

All that will be remembered from this one happened in the fourth quarter anyway, as the Bucks had a chance late to tie it or to cut the lead to one. They had 27 seconds to work with, but for some reason they chose to run down the shot clock. John Salmons was forced to get a shot up, and he was stripped by Trevor Ariza. It maybe should have been called a foul, but the fact this was the best shot we could get off with the game on the line is a question mark.

From there, the Hornets made one free throw to put the game out of reach. So I guess the Bucks will not be going 82-0 this season, to quote Dwyane Wade. The good thing is we get another shot at the Hornets not this coming Saturday, but the one after. I don't think a good defensive team like the Bucks should be giving up 95 points to this Hornets team though, so we will find out in a week and a half if Milwaukee really is as good as they are advertised defensively.

Lets look at some highlights from the game:

* Five Bucks scored in double figures. Good to see the ball getting moved around. Delfino led the way with 19 points.

* Both starting big guys put up double doubles. (Gooden 15 points, 11 rebounds. Bogut 15 points, 15 rebounds.)

* John Salmons, this better not happen a lot. When I was able to watch him he looked a bit lazy, and apparently that's how he appeared the rest of the game as well. I was worried all those numbers he put up last season was just a way to get a contract, now I'm worried a bit more. He finished 2-8 from the field scoring just five points, and he had four turnovers.

* Unfortunately, 17-28 from the free throw line is not going to cut it. If you want to be a top team in this league you need to make free throws when you get to the line. Andrew Bogut himself was 3-10 from the line, so that has to improve. Those are Shaq like numbers. Bogut is a guy that was able to make three pointers in college, I just don't get how free throws are so hard!

* Brandon Jennings had a double double scoring 15 points and 10 assists. Good to see him get off to a good start again. The only problem for the Bucks is Jennings had 10 assists, while the rest of the team had only had four. Start passing the ball around boys, because this team doesn't have a good-to scorer.

* CP3 is awesome. He finished with a double double scoring 17 points, and 16 assists. He will get the first Hunter of the Night award for the season.

Like I said, there are 81 games to go so I'm not worried one bit. This season I will only award a Bucks player of the game with a win, and Hunter of the Night with a loss. Because really, it makes the most sense. The Bucks will be back on the court Friday night Minnesota at 7:00 Central time. This would be a good game for the Bucks to win, so they can play the home opener with a win under their belt. I'm not sure what to do for Box Scores this season. Give suggestions if you have any for tonight, other click here for the stat lines.


Nick said...

Disappointing loss (especially since Salmons was fouled and should have taken 3 free throws to potentially tie), but the Bucks looked pretty good. I can already see we're going to have a lot of on-court drama with Magette who seems to always be on the lookout for creative ways to get fouled. I'm glad Bogut is back, but it's going to be hard to watch the guy without getting nervous every time he dunks. They showed his injury replay three times on TV...come on!!! You'd think with such a grotesque injury that they'd shy away from showing it on TV (again) but nope. Made me sick to my stomach all over again. As glad as I am to have him back, whats with him bricking all those 4th quarter free throws?? And what's with Larry Sanders in general?

basketballbackboardssale said...

They will look to guide a young Hornets team back to the postseason.


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