Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Do We Remember Favre?

An interesting question to ask this week, what do Wisconsin sports fans remember most about Brett Favre? As Packer fans, what will his legacy be? I decided to pose this question to our Bucky Channel contributors. My exact wording was, what are your top 5 Brett Favre memories? I left it purposefully ambiguous to leave each person to just give whatever comes to their minds. We are not looking for best memories or favorite memories, just top, or most memorable memories. I was interested in seeing how we perceive Favre in 2010 and how that has affected his Packer times. He is such a dichotomy now, both brilliant and horrible, and was in his Packer days as well.

The memories were ranked 1-5 and submitted by 5 writers (a thoroughly scientific poll). Findings will be present much like an AP basketball poll, with 5 points for #1, 4 for #2 and so on. I think you’ll find the results very interesting, as the dichotomy that is Brett Favre remains, the polar opposites.

1. Favre dominates Raiders after his Father died (2 #1 votes)

I called it “Dad’s dead game” in my rankings. 2003 versus the Raiders the day after his father passed away. This one will be polar opposite from #2 on our list and contrary to opinions on Favre today.

I think this one is so high because it goes beyond just sports. It somehow transcends into our personal lives. Favre was here so long, we think we know him, we grew up with him, we feel bad for him, we compare his sufferings to ours, we create this “Green Bay Packer Family”. I still even remember the story of how Longwell told him what happened on the golf course. And the game itself, Brett dominated. His team lifted him up and played their best. His fans lifted him up too. Transcendence for sure.

This is how I remember Favre, or at least how I prefer to remember Favre.

2. Vikings Game October 2010 (1 #1 vote)

As I said, polar opposites. This one fresh in our minds, in fact a few of our voters turned in their results before the game, so this could be #1. Contributors sited the Bishop INT return, Favre’s premature celebration, and Favre’s getting booed off Lambeau. I just bunched them all into one. I’ll let Winks expound upon this one.

“When I write anything about Favre, I try to think to myself, "Am I overreacting? Am I going to look back at all this stuff I've written years from now and wish that I hadn't said all the things that I said?" I then I quickly realize, that the answer is no. With all that has happened, I am at the point where Brett Favre means nothing to me, and I've basically erased any good memory of him during his days with the Packers. Super Bowl XXXI? That was won by Desmond Howard and Reggie White. The three MVP seasons? Barry Sanders should have won the last one anyway. The snowy playoff game against the Seahawks en route to the NFC Championship in 2007? Too drunk to remember. I'm pretty confident that no matter how long I live, I will never like Favre again.

The top moment (Bishop INT) is number one for me because if I were to sum up Brett Favre's career in one play, that would be it. You had it all. Favre at Lambeau, on the big stage. Favre making a move to elude the defense, but then trying to do too much and giving up yet another crucial interception. But most importantly, you had the Packers making the play that they've been waiting three years to make, picking off Brett Favre and taking one to the house. It's the play I'll show my kids when they ask me who Brett Favre was, and then I'll also show them the blog I wrote for in my mid-20's, which basically turned into random essays about how much I hated the bastard.”

Lots of emotion from Winks. I like it.

3. Retirement (1 #1 vote)

This my be slightly anachronistic, as Favre has never really retired, but you know what I mean. Favre’s retirement was a soap opera-esque ordeal. Some recall the first one, being sad, thinking it the end of an era. Others will remember the constant back and forth, the constant ESPN updates, and the dance Favre continually played. Urghh.

4. Playoff Ints

Again, I’m putting multiple votes together into one category for playoff ints, and there were a lot of them – Giants in NFC Championship, Eagles 4th and 26 game, 6 vs Rams, and probably more. Let’s face it, Favre had a way of choking when it mattered most. He wanted to be the hero, but was often the goat. These INTS are amongst my worst sports moments and memories – things broken, obscenities yelled, wall kicked. Thanks Brett.

5. Superbowl pass to Rison

We all remember the kid like Favre sprinting down the field.

6. 80-yard OT winner vs. Broncos (2007)

This may be an odd entry on the list, but it was submitted by 3 voters. It was on 80 yard pass to Jennings on the first play of OT. It was vintage Favre and harkened back to the good old days. We were glad Brett came back after 4-12 and 8-8 seasons. We thought we were destined to win the Superbowl and have Brett retire on top. Wow, how reality differs.

7. Media (one first place vote)

The generally negativity working from a media stand-point, how much Favre dominated our news when he went to the Jets, and then the Vikings.

8. Kitrick Taylor TD pass for Favre’s first Packer Win

A great way to start a career. Plus the extra point hold to win by one.

9. NFC Championship INT against Saints

I had some friends celebrate this one more than any Packer win ever. Wow.

Also receiving votes: TD run vs Falcons to clinch playoff berth in final County Stadium game, my grandpa and dad finally admitting they hate Favre (via Winks), The Streak, 1st Packers pass completed to Favre.

Ok, that is our list folks. A nice and varied list. Favre always brought some bad with the good and is now an even more polarizing player. Some will not forget him going to the Vikes. Some will not forget his great years with the Pack. For now, this is the Brett Favre legacy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Let us know your memories.


Winks said...

The Saints loss would have been number one for me if not for Monday night. Immediately after that game, I went online and bought a Saints NFC Champions shirt, which definitely gets worn more than it should. Also, I think I cried that day.

Turtle said...

I think for all of these things you need to look at the event in the moment. What does it mean at that time? Before all the drama and what he's become, every Packer fan was proud to have Favre to cheer on. I think this list reflects that for the most part.

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