Friday, October 22, 2010

The Lemmy Channel: Packers vs. Vikings is the Real Season Finale of Mad Men

Hello again, loyal Bucky Channel readers, and thanks for once again tuning in to a new season of The Lemmy Channel. This time around, we're doing things a little differently, actually joining The Bucky Channel's staff for these semi-regular looks into betting on Wisconsin's sports teams.

Incorporating The Bucky Channel's TV theme, which is actually called upon about as often as our stock expertise at Stock Lemon, our season premiere of The Lemmy Channel picks up right where the season finale of Mad Men left off.

Even with Mad Men's fourth season off the air, there will be plenty of scandal (though cell phones prevented Don Draper from further Brett Favre-like escapades) and your regular Mad Men amount of backstabbing as Favre makes his return to Lambeau Field for the second time in purple.

The Packers, this time around, have more important things to worry about than Favre returning to Green Bay, such as which of their own players will be joining the 'ol dongslinger on the field Sunday night. The Packers have been dealt blows similar to Mad Men losing Lucky Strike and are left to pick up the pieces with a defense as thin as Topaz, Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price's new pantyhose client.

So, let's turn our attention from the Mad Men on Fifth Ave to those on Lombardi Ave and take a look at some trends for the Packer's Sunday nighter against the Vikings.

The Packers enter the game as three-point favorites, which essentially accounts for home field advantage, meaning that Vegas sees the two clubs as even on a neutral field. Obviously, Lambeau Field is the opposite of a neutral site, but not a lot of bettors feel it will be too much of advantage considering that roughly 60 percent of the action is on the Vikings.

Both teams have losing records against the spread, which is common when teams underachieve from lofty expectations as both have, but the Packers in particular (2-4 ATS) have lost four straight. With all three losses coming by a field goal (the last two in OT, as we're sure you all know), the Packers just aren't catching the breaks that they were last year when they gutted out close victories and had one of the better turnover differentials in the league.

As for the over/under, which is set at 44 for Sunday night, know that both teams have also gone under more often than not, also contributing to the Super Bowl caliber offenses both were touted as having coming into the season. Whatever the reason, be it injuries or penile distractions, neither team has produced offensively. The Packers, in fact, have gone over just once out of six games.

So, all that said, who do we like? First and foremost, until these offenses prove that they are what they were supposed to be, we'll ride the under while the public keeps banking on an offensive explosion. In our view, Favre was much more motivated to beat this Packer team last year. In his eyes, he's proven that he can do it, and this is just another game. Another game in which he's thrown 324 interceptions in. We'll take the Packers -3 and the UNDER 44.

Of course, these aren't exactly system plays, more opinion based. To find out what are 63% Free NFL Picks system churns out, check Stock Lemon throughout the weekend.


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