Monday, October 25, 2010

Lets Get it Started....

After what could be easily referred to as perhaps the biggest offseason in league history, the start of the NBA season is finally upon is. Things are getting started in less than 24 hours, as we will finally see the debut of the LeBron James era in Miami, with a 6:30 Central time start on TNT. After all the hype, we will finally get to see what this team will do in the regular season. Also it will be the first time they play a whole game together, as Dwayne Wade sat out all but three minutes of the preseason with hamstring injury. So it will be interesting to see what these guys will do when they are all on the court at once.

So I know I had my NBA preview a few days back, and I took some crap for not projecting the Championship. Well one of the big reasons I didn't do that was because I had no clue to even pick who would win. Since I still had some time to think about it I did, so let's kill the suspense and reveal my NBA Finals pick.

Western Conference Finals Prediction

Thunder vs. Lakers (Lakers in 6)

Eastern Conference Finals Prediction

Magic vs. Heat (Magic in 7)

NBA Finals Prediction

Magic vs. Lakers (Magic in 6)

I just couldn't go with the Heat, somewhat because of Mike Miller being hurt in the early stages of the season. Also I just don't know if that bench will be able to carry them all the way, even with the stud that is Jerry Stackhouse. The thing I like the about the Magic is that they have been there before and should be able to handle themselves. I see the Lakers falling apart come Finals time, as their core is getting too old for them to keep going this deep into the season.

So sorry for the delay on my Finals pick, but it really isn't an easy year for these kind of predictions. Come Tuesday we get to see the Heat against the Celtics, and Rockets against the Lakers on TNT. That will give us a good start to see who will be the team that gets to visit Obama next summer at the White House.


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know what? I'm gonna say NO to a 3rd Doyle term! Lets take 'er back brothers!

vote walker nov 2! and ron johnson too

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