Friday, October 22, 2010

NBA Preview 2010-11

Hello all, it is that time of the year again as the start of the NBA season is right around the corner. Will Kobe be adding another ring to his collection? Will South Beach be the city where the heat is on? Will thunder roll in Oklahoma City? Could the Big Three plus Shaq bring the Celtics back to form? Or will some team just shock the world to became top dog, perhaps one that goes by the chants of Fear The Deer??? A man can dream right, but for real lets take a look at some off-season moves so people have an idea of where everyone is in the NBA, a league that seems to have more player turnover than any other. Also, in the next few minutes of your life you will know how many wins I predict the Bucks to have this season. So strap on in, and enjoy some NBA 2010-11 knowledge.

Some faces in new places.

1. Lebron James and Chris Bosh take their talents to South Beach to join Dwayne Wade. This team will be fun to watch, but will they be able to play all year without injuries is the only thing I would be worried about. Bosh missed the end of last season, and Wade is already out with a hamstring injury. That is the only thing that can bring this team down. Also like the additions of Mike Miller and Eddie House to the Heat to compliment their version of the Big Three.

2. Amar'e Stoudemire will be the King of New York. He will be free to do whatever whenever for this team, and I really think Amar'e will enjoy it. They also added Raymon Felton at point guard, so this Knicks team won't be a walk in the park anymore. They will come to play and they will look to score a lot of points night in and night out. Keep your eye on those Melo to Big Apple rumors as well.

3. Drew Gooden, Corey Maggette, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Keyon Dooling, Jon Brockman, and Larry Sanders. That is what we can call a makeover that should bring more wins and depth to a team that made the playoffs last season. What team is that you ask (as if you had to), because it is none other than your Milwaukee Bucks. I love what they did over the summer, and it seems a lot of other people do too. Should be a fun team to watch this season.

4. Carlos Boozer, Al Jefferson and David Lee. Three big men in the league that get you double doubles almost every night are all on new teams. Carlos Boozer signed with the Bulls this summer, so the Jazz wasted no time replacing him with a younger Al Jefferson. David Lee went from the East coast to West coast, leaving the Knicks to run with the Warriors.

5. The Minnesota Timberwolves added a full five person squad this summer. Michael Beasley, Luke Ridnour, Martell Webster, Kosta Koufos, and Anthony Tolliver. Not sure if any of these guys will be huge for them, but it does add depth to this team. You can't say they are not trying over in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Those are just a few of the moves made this summer, but the main ones that you should keep an eye on to see if they can improve their respective teams.

East Projections


1. Miami Heat (Wade, James, and Bosh. Need I say more.) 60 wins

2. Boston Celtics (Big three plus Shaq. Also Rondo/Robinson.) 58 wins

3. Orlando Magic (Any team with Dwight Howard will win games.) 54 wins

4. Milwaukee Bucks (Fear The Dear!!! They have depth like no other team.) 52 wins

5. Chicago Bulls (Boozer out for awhile will cost them the Central.) 50 wins

6. Atlanta Hawks (Needed to get rid of Bibby, and they didn't.) 45 wins

7. New York Knicks (Amar'e just knows how to win, but Felton will be the key.) 42 wins

8. Charlotte Bobcats (Will need solid play from the point to get them the 8th seed.) 40 wins

9. Philadelphia 76ers (This team could make a run, but just not 100% sold.) 37 wins

10. Washington Wizards (Should be fun to watch some nights, other nights not so much.) 35 wins

11. Indiana Pacers (Sleeper in the East, love the Collison pick up.) 31 wins

12. New Jersey Nets (Brooke Lopez can't do everything.) 27 wins

13. Cleveland Cavilers (LeBron left. Sorry Cleveland, you will suck again.) 25 wins

14. Detroit Pistons (What is this team doing? Tracy McGrady????) 24 wins

15. Toronto Raptors (Not sure what to say about this team, but Bosh is gone.) 19 wins

This is a quick run down of the East. I really feel that the top six are locks for the playoffs. Teams 7-12 could fight for the last two, and well the bottom three are just the bottom three. It is nice to see the East getting bigger name players, and forming teams that can battle the West for the title. Wouldn't be upset to see the East take home the championship this season at all.



1. Los Angles Lakers (Kobe and crew, how can you bet against them.) 57 wins

2. Dallas Mavericks (Kidd is getting old so this might be their last chance.) 55 wins

3. Oklahoma City Thunder (Durant + Westbrook = A lot of wins.) 54 wins

4. San Antonio Spurs (They just always find a way to win.) 53 wins

5. Portland Trailblazers (If Oden stays healthy they could be higher then this.) 53 wins

6. Denver Nuggets (If Melo stays yes, but if not I don't know what this team will do.) ??? wins

7. Utah Jazz (Williams/Jefferson should be able to carry this team, but must stay healthy.) 47 wins

8. Phoenix Suns (Not sure if Nash will be able to lead this team or not.) 46 wins

9. Houston Rockets (Yao is back but not 100%, so this is a hard team to pick.) 45 wins

10. New Orleans Hornets (Chris Paul is awesome. He should leave town soon.) 44 wins

11. Memphis Grizzles (Will O.J. Mayo be able to run the point?) 37 wins

12. Golden State Warriors (New coach, but I don't see a big change in the wins.) 28 wins

13. Sacramento Kings (Evans needs another play maker to help him.) 25 wins

14. Los Angles Clippers (Blake Griffin will play this year!!!) 22 wins

15. Minnesota Timberwolves (Tons of off-season moves, but still need work.) 20 wins

Same here as in the East as I like the first 6 teams for sure. I really feel a good battle for the 8th spot in the West this season. I see it coming down to the final night before the seeds are finally determined. I really like the Thunder this year after they got some experience in the playoffs under their belt from last year. Another team to watch would be the Trailblazers. They have the talent, but can they keep everyone healthy and play well?



Sorry LeBron, but I have to go with Durant on this one. He looked awesome in the World Championships, and I see him rolling that momentum right into the season. LeBron has a little leg cramp going on, and Kobe has been off this preseason. Look for Durant to come out firing right out of the gate and keep it going deep into the season.


I'm coming out of left field on this one, but I really like Terrence Williams from the New Jersey Nets. He is just a guy that seems to do it all. He can shoot, pass, rebound, and steal so look for him to put up some sixth man of the year numbers coming off the bench, but still logging a ton of minutes. Since this is a way out there pick, if he doesn't do what I think he can do then Jamal Crawford would be the obvious pick here, but I didn't want to take the easy way out.


Greg Oden baby!!! This is the year he plays 70 plus games and puts up the numbers he was meant to put up. No I'm not drinking as I type this, but I really feel this is the year the Ohio State alumni brings his game. I also think the Trailblazers could be dangerous if he is able to play this many games. Another long shot pick by me, but would you really expect anything else. C'mon man!


Scott Skiles of your Milwaukee Bucks. Really this is a hard one, because usually it is a team that shouldn't make the playoffs, but does. If they take the Central I don't see how you can't give it to him. He has the squad to do it, but he also has to find minutes for everyone. If people are not happy the team will not play well, so the Coach has to keep a lot of egos in check here as well. If he does that he should get this award, because that is what the award stands for.

So I don't know if any of these projections will become true, but I do know that the season starts Tuesday of next week. So from that day on we will figure out what teams will come to play, and what teams will get the chance to earn first pick in the draft next season. It should be a fun season as it seems to me that a lot more teams have a chance than most years. If you are not huge on the NBA this might be the year you want to start investing time in it. If you don't know what team to start watching then why not FEAR THE DEER!!!! More Bucks updates to come, so stick around for a 82 game season of many wins I hope.....


rory said...

I think you're overestimating the Celtics. I'm not suggesting they aren't a good team: they are. In fact, they might be the second best team in the East.

My point, however, is that they won't finish with the second best record; instead, they'll be in the four to five range. They're relying far too much on old cogs (i.e., Allen, Garnett, Pierce, and Shaq), and those guys aren't going to play a full season.

The Celtics proved last year they have no problem going on the road and getting the win. Their objective this year is (1) to make sure they make the playoffs, and (2) to make sure they're healthy heading into the playoffs. Ensuring the latter will probably result in a few less wins.

James said...

19 wins? Ouchtown Toronto.

Turtle said...

No title prediction?

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