Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not The Start I Saw Coming

I have to be honest with you, I didn't think this Milwaukee Bucks team would be 0-2 coming into their home opener Saturday at the Bradley Center. But when you only play well in the first quarter I guess that is what is going to happen to your team. The Bucks had a one point lead after the first quarter on Friday, but lost the final three quarters and the game. This Minnesota team is very young and therefore not in tune defensively, so you have to figure they will give up an easy 100 each game. They way that teams like Minnesota are going to get victories is normally when they get hot shooting, but Friday night it was the T-wolves playing smarter, and actually getting to the line.

All the Bucks big men had three fouls by halftime, and Milwaukee was forced to play Ilyasova at the center. It should have been a good thing for the Bucks that Minnesota isn't a huge team, but so far the Bucks just seem sluggish this season and couldn't capitalize. They're not moving their feet on defense, they have no passing on offense, and no one is taking leadership on the court. Both games they've played so far look like a summer league game where everyone is out there to try to make the team, so they are just pressing to score.

I wish I could say, "well at least ________ is playing well," but that is not the case so far this season. It has been brick city for the Bucks so far. They shot 3-20 from the three point line on Friday night, and two of those three's came with about 1:30 left from Delfino. Skiles needs to get on this team's case, because with Boozer out for the Bulls we should be building a lead in the division right now, and we are not doing that.

Time for the "highlights" from Friday nights 96-85 Wolves win:

* Corey Maggette and Brandon Jennings led the team in scoring on Friday. Maggette had 23 points, and Jennings had 14 points. That's fine and dandy, but combined those two had a +/- of -28. We all knew Maggette doesn't play solid defense, but I figured Skiles would make him work harder than this. There was even one possession where he was on the floor the whole time, and his guy scored easily.

* Milwaukee shot 35.6% from the field, and only had nine offensive rebounds. They have to do a better job of getting second chance points if they are going to shot 35.6% every night.

* I will rip John Salmons all season till he gets his head out of his ass. This was another game where he had Randy Moss face. You know, the "Man, this kind of sucks, I have to sit here just to collect my money" face. He finished 3-8 from the field with 7 points in 22 minutes. I think Skiles noticed his lack of effort, because I don't recall seeing him much in the second half.

* Michael Beasley and Kevin Love shot the 30-point Buck on Friday. They were the two Hunters of the Night both throwing in double doubles. Beasley finished with a game high 21 points and 10 rebounds. Kevin Love had 17 points, and a game high 16 rebounds. So the "bigs" for the Wolves did work on the Bucks Friday night.

Overall I was seeing us going 1-1 with no problem, and if we were 2-0 going into the home opener I wouldn't have been surprised. But 0-2? I'm almost shocked right now about what is going on. It would be one thing if we looked good, but that is just not the case. Maybe all we need is a home crowd, Bango getting his mascot of the year award, and a Saturday night game to turn things around. Hopefully the Bucks can get on track this season starting Saturday at home against the Bobcats at 7:30 central time. For the rest of the box scores click the quote of the night from a Bucks player below.

"They just seemed like they wanted it more than we did tonight. I think right now we're in like cruise control, and we need to change that. Fast."


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