Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some of the Worst Shit I've Ever Read

The least kept secret of the daily goings on here at The Bucky Channel is that all too often I really blow it when it comes to proof-reading my posts, and for that I apologize. I deserve criticism for that, I know, and I should get better at doing that. Also, when I write a post that sucks (as rare as that is, I know) I deserve criticism for that as well. It's all a part of the process when you put your writing online for anyone and everyone to see. If you write a good post, you will be complimented. If you write a shitty post, you will be torn to shreads.

And someone named Dave Begel just got demolished.

This Dave Begel hack apparently writes for OnMilwaukee.com, at least as a part-time hobby, and while that is something that we here can respect we just can't get behind the awful article he just wrote. The piece is entitled "Favre Showed Once Again Why He is a Legend", and it's basically Begel's best effort at a full fledged Gene Wojciechowski impression. Instead of slamming this Begel guy unfairly anymore, I'll let you first go read the article. Seriously, read at your own risk.


Alright, you're back. How bad was that? It's amazing to me that even in a defeat the Favre homers seem to be as strong as ever. I'd love to rip on this clown further, but as mentioned Quevedo at the Buffet already did a brilliant job of that, Fire Joe Morgan-style. Now that is something worth reading.


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