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Week 6 Pack Fan / Bears Fan *Updated*

Ok, so a few things here. This, as of right now, will be a weekly "column" looking at the pluses and minuses of the past week's Packers game. Think of it as a "Good Cop/Bad Cop" thing, hence, the name. I doubt it's necessary, but for clarification's sake, the "Good Cop" will be represented as Pack Fan (for now) for obvious reasons and Bears Fan will represent the "Bad Cop" view, because...well...fuck 'em. Also, I wasn't sure it should be Bear Fan or Bears Fan but I decided it should be "Bears" since the team is the Bears and "Bear" fan may mean different things to readers of this site. Also, I really didn't put that much thought to it because who the fuck cares if the Bears are properly represented. Anyhoo, let's get to it shall we...I'm already boring myself. You people should be able to catch-on. We'll start with the "Pack Fan" points.

Pack Fan

This was quite a tough one this week. Excuse the graphic nature but it's kind of like picking peanuts out of shit...yeah, you can do it because it's something tangible but you don't want to see them and you really don't care. This game certainly brought the Badger/Packer fans back to Earth.
  1. Greg Jennings showed least for a little while. Personally, I think he's been getting the raw end of the deal with coverages. Driver's great but Jennings is the better of the two and opposing defenses see that. Either that or there are a lot of people who he's fooled. He's such a personable guy, conducts great interviews and he's do you NOT want this guy to succeed?
  2. Crabtree and Quarless serviceable? They both caught passes...bobbled but caught. Hopefully that will serve as a confidence-booster. There's no doubt (?) that Quarless is talented and could stretch the field now that Jermichael Finley has been lost for the season (placed on season-ending injured reserved on Monday) but he'll have to mature faster than Finley did and that could be too much to ask for with the baggage this guy carried into the draft and through training camp. It does say something that Ted Thompson drafted him with Thompson's track record for bringing in only quality people, so time will tell. Crabtree just seems like a Spencer Havner-type who will do whatever is asked and that is something the team will always need.
  3. Rodgers played...period. It was encouraging to see Aaron Rodgers play after sustaining a concussion at the end of the Redskins game. With all of the injuries, it was great to see that the Packers still had their leader on the field and although it wasn't a great offensive effort, I think it says something to the team that the quarterback is willing to tough it out and lead the team even though the rest of the team seems to be dropping all around him.

Bears Fan

This is just a few of what could have been quite an extensive list.

  1. Third down failures...again. It's a carry-over from the problems the Packers had against the Redskins. The most popular root-cause is the loss of Jermichael Finley which makes sense. He was seemingly becoming Rodgers go to / "safety valve" and if that's true and there's no remedy for that vacancy, then this team is in trouble. The team converted just 3 of 13 against the Dolphins. Add that to the 2 of 13 converted against the Redskins the week before and that picture gets really ugly. However, don't put it all on Finley's loss because the only game in which the Packers converted more than 50% of their third downs (7 of 12) was the 34-7 win against the Buffalo Bills. Third downs have been tough for the team all year and the future isn't looking bright. *Update* 50% may be a high benchmark but taking into account the opponent and how the team moved the ball, the third down percentage should be better.
  2. Penalties...they're killing themselves! Since he's a rookie, I'll forgive Bulaga for now. But he's a first round draft pick. If he can't hack it after a few games under his belt, then fans may start to be concerned. The Francois penalty on the punt was a bad call but the team should know better than to have someone lined up over the long snapper. Yes, he was more than the required yard off the line of scrimmage but he shouldn't have been position to even allow the officials to even consider making such a call. It's a new have to know better. The bigger concern are the penalties on Charles Woodson. He's being called for more penalties than he has in the past and it just seems like he's being targeted by the officiating crews. It doesn't seem like he's doing anything different and if that continues, this defense may be in even more trouble.
  3. The bend-don't-break defense is bending too much. Yes, the injuries have ravaged this defense going all the way back to last year's loss of Al Harris but these guys cannot be counted on to stop anyone when it's needed. Without Matthews, there is no pass rush at all. That was evident in the second half of the Redskins game. As soon as he went out, the Redskins were able to move the ball down the field fairly easily. McNabb had time in the pocket which allowed for the big touchdown to Armstrong, etc. As such, Henne had very little trouble moving the ball down the field when they needed to. The effort was admirable but playoff-bound teams need to have defenses that step-up when needed and that is not the case right now. Hopefully this is something that can be remedied with the return of Clay Matthews and perhaps Mike Neal and Ryan Pickett. The other concern is the defense leaning on Matthews too much. Somebody has to step up to help because hamstring injuries tend to linger, as has been drilled into all our heads for the past few years, and Matthew's impact is too significant to lose for an extended period of time.

So that's it for now. Long winded? Probably. Did I lose most people halfway through? Quite possibly, but we'll tweak it and since this is the first effort, we'll see how it goes next week. I very easliy could have expounded on the offense that knew it needed to score a lot coming in to the season to compensate for the weak defense, strange play calling, etc. but frankly I'm just depressing myself. If I keep going, I may not want to watch the next game. (Sunday night against Chilly's Vaginas) Look for changes and possibly a little different format next week. Stay tuned!


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