Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a WIN!!!

Gilreath, Clay, Tolzien, White, Toon, Watt, Sad Sweater Vest...just a few aspects of a HUGE win for Bucky. Everyone in Madison felt it coming. All day, all WEEK you could feel it. David Gilreath wasn't able to keep the secret and broke the news to the Buckeyes right away with a 97 yard opening kick-off return for a touchdown. Follow that up with an OSU 3 and out and then a pounding drive featuring a John Clay touchdown. Another Ohio State punt followed by a second John Clay touchdown and there was no looking back. Actually, the Badgers were full steam ahead from the opening kick. The Buckeyes brought it to within 3 after a strong open to the second half but the Badgers slammed the door shut with a James White touchdown, a field goal by Philip Welch and finally a Blake Sorensen interception of a Terrelle Pryor pass.

FINAL SCORE: WISCONSIN 31 Ohio State 18 and one tear-soaked sweater vest
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Anonymous said...

Another new writer! Good first post (that I've seen at least). I'm digging the new Bucky Channel

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