Monday, November 8, 2010

Al Harris Done in Green Bay

Watching Al Harris return an interception for a touchdown in overtime against the Seahawks in a playoff game (run-on sentence alert) is one of my fondest moments as a Packer fan. It was the first time I was able to visit Lambeau Field during the postseason, and what an experience it was. I didn't find out until after the game about the whole "we want the ball, and we're gonna score" routine that Matt Hasselbeck pulled during the coin toss, but that obviously ramped up just how special that play was. In fact, I was so ecstatic after that play that Al Harris is the only player I've ever given full immunity to. I said that from that play forward, no matter what Al Harris does in his career/life, I will always be a fan of his.

No longer though I will be rooting for him as a member of the Green Bay Packers. Harris was surprisingly released Monday by the Packers, as it was assumed by everyone and then some that the cornerback would be activated after his time on the Physically Unable to Perform list. But with the depth and skill now provided by guys like Tramon Williams and Sam Shields, Ted Thompson deemed Al Harris expendable. Harris is admittedly surprised by the move, but is being amicable about the split, and spoke fondly about his time in Green Bay when he was asked about his release.

"I had a great time in Green Bay. I have nothing bad to say about the time that I was there. Everybody was great. I guess Mike and Ted just thought I wasn't good enough to play on their team," Harris told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Honestly, I don't quite get the move, but I'm putting all my faith in Ted Thompson that he knows what he's doing here. I would have loved to see the 35-year old corner return for a post season push, and my biggest fear is that we suffer even more injuries and end up regretting this move. Harris will be sure to quickly land with another team, and he could even be testing my immunity by signing with someone in the NFC North, as is the rumor. Harris seemed coy when asked about if he'd stay in the division, and at this point you'd have to think that the Vikings (the Packers next opponent) would be the front-runner for his services.

Let's not let that happen, please. I say that Ted tries to work out a deal with Al right now, tell him to sign with the Lions, promise him that we'll give him an interception return for a TD after the game has already been put away in the Packers favor, and to stay the hell away from Minnesota. We've all seen how ugly it can be when a former Packer great goes to the Twin Cities. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Ryan Longwell.

And because I'm not going to write a separate post on this, we did get some good news as Packers fans today. Nick Collins was suspended $50,000 for his hit on Roy Williams, but he will not be suspended as most of us feared.


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