Saturday, November 27, 2010

Badger Fans Still have Work To Do! **UPDATED**

Big win for Bucky. JJ Watt and company took care of bidness but there's cheering to be done folks. If both Auburn and Oregon lose, Wisconsin will be in position to play for the National Championship!
I hope vendors in the Madison-area are over-nighting South Carolina and Oregon State gear.
YES, it's and super-outside outside that it's not even in the rear-view but wow...after what's happened this week, can we not think it's possible?
No Winks jinxing (sorry dude) here but the option is in play.

**How is it that if both teams lose, STANFORD is in position to go to the National Championship over Bucky even though they are not even the PAC-10 conference champion? Even with a loss to Oregon State, Oregon is still the champion. I would hope this would be taken into account. Now, their loss to Oregon SHOULD knock them down should Oregon lose but the Badgers are ranked higher than Stanford in the other polls. More proof (not that it's neded) that the BCS is horseshit.**
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