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BCS: The Bucky Channel Standings

Say what you want about my BCS standings week in and week out, it doesn't matter to me. We all know that the only reason I do this column is to state my case for schools like TCU and Boise State and to whine every week about why there isn't a playoff system. Is my poll scientific, or even based somewhat on the actual performances of the teams that play the game? To a degree. But my version is mainly propaganda, and I'm just doing my part on behalf of all college football fans in an effort to force a truly competitive postseason format in college football by bitching about the current one as much as possible.

We've seen the injustices every week so far since the BCS standings first came out for the 2010 season. Every week Boise State wins, yet every week there is another team leapfrogging them in the standings. After their victory against Virginia Tech at the beginning of the season, this almost definitely seemed like the year that the Broncos would finally get theirs, but as the season goes on their quest to the national championship game becomes filled with more and more roadblocks.

This week however, the newest roadblock is another mid-major.

There is a saying that goes "sometimes what you are looking for has been in front of you the whole time" or something stupid like that, but I think it might apply in this case. All this time I've been campaigning for Boise State to be the team to finally shake up the BCS, but TCU might actually have a better shot at getting that accomplished. In fact, TCU could have made the title game last year had Texas not beaten Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game last season, which the Longhorns were only able to accomplish because of some stupid rule regarding the clock and when the ball actually landed out of bounds on an errant throw. But as usual, I digress.

I've been saying for weeks that the TCU / Utah game of last weekend was one of the bigger games of the season in this year of college football, even pleading with you to order the CBS College Sports Network for the game. TCU squashed any hype surrounded this game though, and they did it early, crushing Utah 47-7. The win definitely will cement TCU as a viable national title contender, although one thing that worked against the Horned Frogs favor is that not too many people ended up seeing this game. And not because they didn't listen to my plea about ordering a second tier sports network, but more or less because of a situation that is causing the word conspiracy to be floated around. Conspiracy in college football? No way.

Here's the thing. Regardless of the final outcome, the TCU/Utah matchup was a big game. It was the number three team in the country against the number five squad. With CBS having the rights on their alternate network, it wouldn't have been surprising to see the game get moved to CBS itself to achieve a wider national audience (especially among those who vote in the weekly poll). Ultimately, a game did get moved to the 2:30pm window on CBS, but it was a matchup between LSU and Alabama of the mighty SEC. Where's the controversy you ask? Well, that game was originally scheduled for 6:00pm! It was moved to the 2:30pm slot earlier in the week to "accomodate" the CBS broadcast. Interesting. Especially when CBS could have easily had that game in primetime instead of a rerun of The Defenders. Why doesn't TV understand yet that nobody really cares for Jerry O'Connell?

This whole topic about if the move was made intentionally to deprive voters and a national audience of watching the game is looked at more closely over at Rumors and Rants, and I tend to think that something fishy is going on here. I hope for the system's sake that the voters actually DVR'd the TCU game to watch it after the LSU contest, but you can never assume anything, especially in college football. The Rumors and Rants article also quotes the Salt Lake Tribune's thoughts on the scheduling:

Hey, if you’re claiming to be an expert — if you’re voting in the polls — you have an obligation to watch the game. And it won’t be that difficult.
And yet The Sporting News published a story indicating that, because so few people will be able to see the No, 3 and No. 5 teams in the latest BCS poll, it will hurt the winner’s chances of making it to the BCS title game.
The game “is on the CBS College Sports Network (good luck finding it) instead of a national network or major cable outlet. Just how many eyes will be watching? Not enough to make a difference,” The Sporting News wrote.

So what do you think? Was this a conspiracy to block viewers out of watching a game between two teams who don't play in the major conferences? Or is my blog post part of my conspiracy to make you think that there is a conspiracy? You know what though, maybe, just maybe, none of this would even be an issue IF THERE WAS A FUCKING PLAYOFF SYSTEM!!!

On to the rankings:

Dropped Out: Alabama (5th), Utah (6th), Oklahoma (10th)

10. Michigan State (LW: NR) - Apparently Michigan State is still good enough to get a top ten ranking in the AP Poll, and I'll give them the ten spot here, too. The other options were Oklahoma State, but I didn't even realize they were relevant until about five minutes ago and Alabama, but two losses is too many to be up this high at this point in the season, no matter how good you were supposed to be. Even though the loss to Iowa is still fresh in my head when I think of Sparty, they did beat Wisconsin this year so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

9. Nebraska (LW: 9) - Nebraska is lucky to still be here after a near loss to Iowa State, needing to stop a two-point conversion in overtime to get the victory. Tough schedule for Iowa State this year I've noticed. They did get their big win against Texas, but they have losses to Nebraska, Iowa, Utah, and Oklahoma. Imagine if this team ran the table with a schedule like that. They'd be lurking for a title game shot for sure.

8. Stanford (LW: NR) - It's a shame that CBS didn't broadcast the LSU/Alabama game in primetime for the reasons listed above, but also because the primetime affair that we did get last weekend was instead on ABC, as Stanford smoked Arizona. Not surprisingly, the broadcast ratings were a near-record low for Saturday Night Football on ABC. Still, at least people were given the option to watch this game on a legitimate network. Sigh.

7. LSU (LW: NR) - This LSU Tigers team is pretty good, and in the real BCS rankings they are actually number five. How much that has to do with beating Alabama in front of a national audience can't be known, but it was a big win and they deserve recognition. You know, I've been bitching on and on about what other games are doing to affect the standings of TCU and Boise State, but what about Wisconsin? Why the hell do they keep getting shit on too? Every week, just like with Boise State, there is always another team leapfrogging the Badgers. As Reep pointed out the other day, Stanford is ahead of Bucky as well for reasons we can't figure out. Does the upset of number one Ohio State mean nothing anymore? Shouldn't the BCS and college football realize that when your rankings are more heavily criticized than they are applauded that it might be time for a playoff? Oh right, controversy creates more discussion, and because we are all bitching we are more prone to watch the games and spend money on the product. How silly of me.

6. Ohio State (LW: 8) - They are only nine in the BCS, yet if they didn't lose to us they'd still be number one. I'll say this every week because I think Ohio State is getting the short stick as well. They have two big games in the next two weeks against Penn State and Iowa, and you think with two solid victories they'll be getting some love again soon.

5. Wisconsin (LW: 7) - Yeah, the Badgers came out a bit flat against Purdue, but in the end they put up a pretty impressive number on the scoreboard, beating the Boilermakers 34-13. You know what pisses me off though? When the Badgers were struggling in the first half, the Big Ten Network announcer took a moment to get on his soapbox and talk about how in the Big Ten, teams bring their all every week, and that no win is an easy win. He was basically saying, "Na na smaller conferences, we in the mighty Big Ten are better than you." I know that Louisiana Tech isn't Purdue, but do you really think that teams in the smaller conferences aren't giving it their all against teams like Boise State and TCU? And if the Big Ten is so great, then why is Wisconsin getting just as much of the shaft as Boise State and TCU are??? AHHHHHH! (breathe Winks, breathe).

4. Oregon (LW: 1) - Okay so I decided to shake the top four up a little bit, because I'm done putting Oregon at the number one spot just because they are number one in the BCS standings. These are my rankings damnit, and I'll do what I want! The thing with Oregon is that they really haven't played anyone either (besides Stanford), so if you're going to use that argument against the Broncos then why not use it against the Ducks?

3. Boise State (LW: 2) - All this bitching about Boise State, and they fall a spot in my rankings? What is going on Winks? Well, if you've read this article word for word instead of just skimming it like usual, then you'll have seen that I'm having a hard time trying to pick Boise State or TCU as the one team that I really want to get behind. Ultimately, I know that only one of these two teams is going to get into the title game, if any at all. And while I think Boise State deserves to be there, right now I think that there are two schools that deserve it more.

2. Auburn (LW: 3) - Between Auburn, Boise, Oregon, and TCU, I think it's Auburn's resume that is the most impressive. Wins over LSU, Arkansas, and South Carolina have helped this team continue to climb up the polls, and we'll see just how good they are when they face Alabama the day after Thanksgiving. Will they lose? I sure hope so. Will the Cam Newton investigation prove to be a distraction? It better. Auburn has been great so far, but let's get them out of here and get the Broncos back up where they belong.

1. TCU (LW: 4) - File this under the "We just beat the number five team in the country by forty points and we don't get a bump, what the fuck else do you want us to do?" category.


Unknown said...

tide will win the iron bowl, it's at byrant-denny, putting auburn at 1L, but they'll most likely win the sec champ at the georgia dome. question is will a loss to bama in the last reg season game be fresh enough to allow tcu or boise to 'horned' frog (lolz) over auburn if the tigers win the sec champ? i hope so. it's going to be oregon v. ??? I'd personally love to see them v. tcu's D which is disgusting.

Bucky to the Rose or Sugar anyone??


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