Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BCS: The Bucky Channel Standings

Dropping Out: Nobody! After getting all riled up last week about TCU and Utah State not playing on national television, TCU almost let me down this week by nearly losing to San Diego State. Actually, there were a lot of near-upsets, but the BCS shakeup that I was hoping for never came to pass. At least not this week. Remember, the goal here is to get one of the mid-majors (TCU or Boise State at this point) into the National Championship game, and in the most radical scenario maybe even the Badgers. But for any of that to happen, the big guys need to go down, and time is running out for that to happen. Thus, the standings below will appear pretty similar to last week, although spoiler alert, I did shake up the top four again.

10. Michigan State (LW: 10) - Can't fault a team for being idle, and I'm still going to put them in instead of Alabama because the Tide have two losses. You know, Alabama should be just as pissed about the BCS as anyone. They have a solid team, but they just happened to lose two tight games to two good teams. Put them in a playoff at the end of the season, and they could very well win the whole tournament. As for Sparty, they have Purdue and then travel to Penn State, a game which could very well decide the Badgers fate. Rooting against Sparty is imperative at this point on.

9. Nebraska (LW: 9) - Nebraska took down my friends at KU last weekend (I visited there once, so I like them, kind of similar to my affection for the Tampa Bay Rays), and so they remain at the nine spot here in the real BCS standings. The Huskers have a nice path to the BCS as the Big 12 champions during their final year in that conference, although they do have a tough game against Texas A&M this weekend in primetime. I'm exited for their entry into the Big Ten next year, although it's going to be a tough season opener for the Badgers, two years in a row.

8. Stanford (LW: 8) - I've kind of been hard on Stanford, as the real BCS has them at six while I pushed them down to eight. I'll be honest, it's clearly a bias against the Pac-10. Sorry, but it is. The Cardinal play Cal this weekend in the annual version of "The Game", and I just saw a Fox Sports commercial promoting the game a few minutes ago and it somehow got me less exited for a game I wasn't exited for at all. California failed me by not knocking off Oregon, so I hope they get killed here.

7. LSU (LW: 7) - LSU gets less love for me as well than they do in the actual BCS standings, but that's because I do have a Big Ten bias as you'll see in a moment. Can't really judge them too much this week as they crushed lowly Louisiana-Monroe of the Sun Belt conference by a score of 51-0. This was a game that had to be ordered as a pay-per-view event if you lived in the state of Louisiana, and LSU fans were throwing down like 39.99 to watch this game as if it was nothing. If the situation was similar for Wisconsin, and the Badgers were facing a crappy team in the middle of the season only on pay-per-view, there's no way I'd throw down forty bucks to watch it at my house. I'd probably go to a bar though and spend at least forty bucks there anyway, so I guess that point is moot. Also, I'm remembering my stretch last year where I was buying every WWE pay-per-view for awhile, so who am I to judge really?

6. Ohio State (LW: 6) - There's really not much else I can say about the Buckeyes other than the same thing I say every week, and that is that if they were still undefeated they'd still be the number one team. That's why I don't see how teams like LSU and Stanford can be ahead of them in the human polls when they all just have one loss apiece. Ohio State has a big game this weekend when they go on the road to Iowa, a game the Badgers will probably need the Buckeyes to win so that the Big Ten Championship doesn't come down to a head-to-head between Wisconsin and Michigan State. Perhaps Iowa has the advantage at home, but after seeing the Hawkeyes lose to Northwestern this weekend who knows what to expect out of this one.

5. Wisconsin (LW: 5) - Apparently putting up 82 points doesn't mean anything anymore, because the Badgers didn't move at all in the BCS rankings. Still, I like the aggressive style that Bret Bielema has been showing this year. The big win against Indiana, the seventy points against Austin Peay, and the fuck you two point conversion against Minnesota earlier this season. I've always said that for as much preparation and hard work that you put in all week for the game, if you find yourself in a position to score a lot of points then do it. You've earned that right. As for sportsmanship, I almost think it's more unsportsmanlike to whine about having points scored on you than it is to be the one racking up the score. If you don't want to get your ass kicked, then don't suck. And Indiana sucked, so screw them. Telling guys not to continue to work hard and work towards the end zone is counterproductive, and I have no complaints with the way Bielema is coaching this team right now.

4. TCU (LW: 1) - My darlings last week, I've softened on them hardcore after they almost let me down against San Diego State, winning by just five. Plus, their victory over Utah doesn't look as impressive as it once did after the Utes got their asses handed to them by shitty Notre Dame. TCU is idle this week but then has New Mexico State the week after, but the only way that they get in the title game right now is if someone ahead of them loses. And right now, I'm including Boise State as someone ahead of them. More on that in a moment.

3. Oregon (LW: 4) - Oregon really should have lost to California, but I guess good teams find a way to win, and there's no doubt Oregon is a good team. If I was impartial, I'd probably put these guys back at number one or two, but I don't want them to make the championship so they can settle in at three. Oregon only put up 15 points against Cal which is unheard of for them, as their previous low for points this season was 43. I guess word just came out though that Cal was faking injuries to slow down the no-huddle offense of the Ducks, and even though that is a bit sketchy, if there is no rule against it then I really don't see a problem with it (just like one-week trades in fantasy football, right league mates? Hello? Guys?)

2. Boise State (LW: 3) - Alright Boise State, I'm putting all of my eggs in your basket again. Sorry I bailed on you for TCU last week, ultimately you know I love the both of you. But you are my favorite son, and for all that you have done over the last three years you guys finally deserve a bid to win it all. While TCU is barely beating teams in their conference, you are steamrolling through yours. So what if Idaho is a terrible program and their stadium looks like the inside of an abandoned airport hanger? That's not your fault, you just play who is on your schedule. And when you do play, you blow out teams week in and week out. Where TCU just has one game left on their schedule, you have three. Blow out each of those teams. Fresno State. Nevada. Utah State. Take care of business against them, and then pray that Oregon or Auburn still fall. You can do it guys!

1. Auburn (LW: 2) - Based on how they've played and who they've beaten, I can concede that Auburn is the best team in the country. But is the Cam Newton scandal getting to them? If not, their schedule probably will. After surviving a tough one against Georgia, Auburn now has to travel to Alabama and then face South Carolina in the SEC Championship game. Can they win both of those contests? I'm not sure, but I'll be rooting against them the entire way.


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