Thursday, November 25, 2010

BCS: The Bucky Channel Standings

Oh man, I just realized that I better do my BCS article as quick as possible since there are a ton of college football games on Friday this week. One of those games may be the last chance to see one of our beloved non-BCS schools advance into the top two, as Auburn travels to Alabama. Also, I guess we as a blog haven't officially wished anyone a Happy Thanksgiving, so we'll do that now too. There was lots of good NFL on Thursday (at least before Carson Palmer showed up), and we hope those of you that don't have to work the weekend (sigh... me) will get to enjoy a lot of great college football matchups in the upcoming days.

Dropped Out: Nebraska (9th), Michigan State (10th)

10. Alabama (LW: NR) - Alright, so I'll finally give in and put two-loss Alabama in my top ten, mainly because Michigan State isn't very good so they can drop out. I know that they beat the Badgers, but that seems like a whole different season ago. Since that game, the Badgers have been unbeatable, while Sparty barely beat Northwestern and Purdue, and also got crushed by Iowa. As for Bama, they may be out of the title picture but they still play a huge role in deciding who gets there as they host Auburn at 1:30 Friday on CBS. It's at Bama, and I fully except the Tide to roll, but the way Auburn has been playing you know this is going to be a classic 4th-quarter SEC finish. Do the dirty work for me Bama, and let Boise State slide right in to the national title game.

9. Oklahoma State (LW: NR) - I know absolutely nothing about this team, but they have been sneaking up the Top 25 all season long. They are 10-1, although haven't really played that tough of a schedule, but do have wins over Texas A&M, Texas, and Baylor. Their lone loss came to Nebraska which is respectable, and they have a big game against #13 Oklahoma this Saturday night. I know nothing else to say, but good luck to 'em.

8. Ohio State (LW: 6) - For the last like five weeks I've been saying, "I'll continue to rank Ohio State higher than other one loss teams because if the Buckeyes didn't lose to the Badgers, they'd still be number one." Then I realized, that logic could be applied to a handful of teams, so saying that each week didn't really make much sense. Plus, Ohio State just isn't as good as Stanford and LSU (or maybe they are, but we'll never know until there is a playoff!), and they nearly lost to a struggling Iowa team last week. They have their annual game with Michigan this weekend, which I have never cared about it, but maybe it's because I hate both of those schools with burning passion.

7. Stanford (LW: 8) - Could this be the Badgers opponent come BCS time? I'm not sure, but I know of a lot of people that are already making plans to head to Pasadena come New Years Day. I'd kind of rather see the Badgers play in one of the other BCS games because they seem to have the feel of a bigger game, but a Rose Bowl appearance against Stanford wouldn't be a bad game. The Cardinal should cruise by Oregon State this weekend, and barring an Oregon loss, the Rose Bowl likely awaits.

6. LSU (LW: 7) - The Badgers just can't get above these guys in the BCS, and week in and week out LSU shows us why. They escaped with a narrow victory against Ole Miss last week, but this is a darn good football team. Especially since their only loss is to Auburn, the (spoiler alert) number one team in the Bucky Channel Standings. They have a big SEC matchup against Arkansas this weekend, but it's over shadowed by the Alabama/Auburn matchup of the same conference.

5. Wisconsin (LW: 5) - You know it's a good season for the Badgers when they put up 48 points on Michigan, at Michigan. Just found this out too - each of the Badgers running backs (James White, Montee Ball, John Clay) have at least 500 yards and ten TDs on the season. This is the best Badgers team that we've had in a long, long, time, and how different would things be if it was Bucky, Auburn, and Oregon all undefeated? Would Bucky get a top two nod out of those teams? I'm not sure. What I am sure of though is if the Badgers were undefeated, I wouldn't give two shits about Boise State or TCU, and in fact I'd probably be trying to discredit anything that they were doing. But that's for another day. Bucky has Northwestern this weekend, and I hate them more than any other school in the Big Ten. Please beat them by 40, Bielema.

4. TCU (LW: 4) - People can complain about how a soft schedule helps TCU get to where they are, but the soft schedule is going to end up hurting them this weekend. Boise State has a tough matchup in Nevada on the road, while TCU has 1-10 New Mexico State. People can say that TCU wouldn't match up with Auburn, Oregon, or even Alabama, but until there is a playoff we'll never know.

3. Oregon (LW: 3) - Everyone is talking about how Auburn is likely to lose this weekend at Alabama, but Oregon could end up falling as well. They play a tough Arizona team, but the game is at Oregon so I think they'll be alright. Next weekend they have Oregon State, so they have two hurdles to climb, but ultimately I think they win out and will be in the BCS title game.

2. Boise State (LW: 2) - All season long I've been waiting for this weekend for Boise State, provided that Nevada didn't blow it and lose sometime along the way. Nevada did lose at Hawaii earlier in the season, but since then they've been doing what we needed them to do, and they come into this game ranked at number 19. Where TCU is playing a shit team this weekend, Boise State has the chance to knock off a top-25 team on the road, and that's something which may ultimately get them into the national title game.

1. Auburn (LW: 1) - Oh Auburn, you've come so far, and yet you're going to lose this weekend to Alabama and all your title dreams will fade away. At least that's what everyone thinks. You have the chance this weekend to piss off people like me who clamor for a Boise State type school to get the credit I think they deserve, and you may be able to pull it off. It's really Alabama that has nothing to lose as they aren't playing for all the marbles, but it's a scary thing when you make the number one team (in my poll) the underdog. If I put money on the line, I'd go with Bama, but the college football Gods have worked very hard to keep Boise State/TCU out of the national title game so far (think last season), so why should that change now? All that I know is that it's going to be a fun weekend, and if we didn't get penalized at my job for calling in sick after a holiday (you don't get the holiday pay if you do), then I'd be at home for sure for all of these.


Anonymous said...

TCU has a strength of schedule of 68 where as Michigan St. is 67, Wisconsin is 63 and Ohio states is 58. So it is not that far off, and when does beating the number 5 team in the nation not mean anything. Oh ya when TCU plays them!

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