Friday, November 26, 2010

College Football is a Cold Hearted Bitch

You know the saying, "Be careful what you wish for?" It sounds like phrase is going to be an accurate summation of all my bitching this year regarding college football. After wins by both Auburn and Oregon on Friday, it's becoming more and more probable that my wish for Boise State to play a big time program in a bowl game is going to come true. Only thing is, it's becoming more and more probable that their opponent is the Wisconsin Badgers.

I'm writing this article in the middle of the second quarter of the Boise State/Nevada game, which I assume that the Broncos are going to win because teams don't blow 17-0 leads or greater, right? Oh shit, sorry Alabama. My goodness, how in the hell did the Crimson Tide blow a 24-point lead against Auburn? In my BCS standings this week, I mentioned how it was beginning to seem as if the college football Gods will do everything in their power to not let Boise State or TCU get into the national title game. Last year, TCU was the victim of a sketchy play between Texas and Nebraska in the Big 12 title game and now this year it's an improbable road comeback from Auburn that will likely keep the mid-major out of the Championship game. It's unbelievable, really.

All I wanted was Auburn to lose a game on the road at Alabama, which seemed very likely on Friday morning, and even more likely when they were down 24. But in true SEC football fashion, the game ended up coming down to the final minutes, and with all Crimson Tide hopes at the hands of a redshirt freshman quarterback after Greg McElroy was knocked out with a concussion. Obviously, Auburn would go on to win that game at that point. From there, we had some optimism when Arizona lead by a touchdown over Oregon in the first half, but the Ducks poured on the points after halftime. With those two outcomes, Boise State's lead becoming more comfortable as I continue writing, and TCU likely to win on Saturday, the top four will likely go unchanged, except for a swapping of positions between the Broncos and the Horned Frogs.

I started to become really annoyed with the announcers during Friday's games, especially the CBS color guy who did the typical soapbox routine about how the smaller schools don't face the week in and week out competition that teams in the SEC do. The broadcast crews also made the point to mention about how Friday had a playoff like feel, and while I guess that was true, a "playoff like feel" doesn't make up for an ACTUAL PLAYOFF! I don't know why so many people are so quick to defend the current setup, especially when every other level of collegiate football has no problem setting up a playoff system. But as usual, I digress.

So assuming that things hold to form with the Big Ten teams on Saturday, Wisconsin will win the conference and head to the Rose Bowl. With Oregon likely in the national title game against Auburn (unless either Oregon State or South Carolina can really shake things up with upsets, respectively), that will probably leave Boise State for the Rose Bowl. All season long I've been rooting for Boise State to make a BCS bowl, preferably the title game, and then destroy whichever big time school they'd face. Now you're telling me that their likely opponent is Wisconsin? Jesus. I'm obviously going to root for Bucky, but that matchup would be a slap in the face to guys like me that want to see this BCS system implode and think that the only way that will happen is if a mid-major school gets a title shot. Now we're probably going to get Boise State vs. the Badgers.

College Football, you truly are a cold hearted bitch.


Daniel C said...

Well, I hope you feel good about what you've done.

Anonymous said...

Boise State seemed to have pulled an Alabama.

Winks said...

Oh my God Boise what the hell. The one time I go to bed early on a Friday night! I'm going to keep the post up as those were my feelings at the time, but man do I look dumb.

One positive is that this Nevada win may quell the argument that the non AQ conferences don't face week to week pressure.

Turtle said...

Wisconsin v. TCU in Rose Bowl? Winks, can you jinx the Horned Frogs as well please?

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