Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello Friends From Packers Therapy

We're getting some traffic after a shout-out on Packers Therapy, so I wanted to make sure that I did the appropriate thing and welcome those of you here for the first time. So, Welcome! For anyone not family, Packers Therapy is a weekly podcast spearheaded by two gentlemen named Chris and Dave, two guys that just happen to really like talking about Packers football. It's solid listening that is a nice compliment to the rest of the reading and scouring of messages boards we normally do as Packers fans during a given week. The podcast resides over at PackerChatters, and this link should fill you in on the rest.

During this week's podcast, Chris and Dave give a special shout-out to not only the site but also our friend Nick (more affectionately known around here as Turtle). Just after the 54 minute mark, your two hosts review their over and unders for the Packers week nine game against the Dallas Cowboys. We're not talking about over/unders for things like second quarter points or final score, but instead they look at more interesting things such as John Kuhn carries and James Jones drops. Turtle took a stab at predicting the lines earlier this week, and upon further review he did a pretty decent job. It's a pretty wise staff we put together here at The Bucky Channel 2.0.

Thank again to Packers Therapy for the plug, and we look forward to more of your podcasts!


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