Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holy Shit, Remember This Guy?

I hope everyone knew that this was Bobby Simmons, former Milwaukee Bucks flop. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't able to recognize him, because he sucked. The Bucks signed the "up and coming superstar" to a free agent contract in 2005 after he had a big season with the Clippers. Well as we all know he never panned out to be much of anything for us. So we traded him for another guy, named Richard Jefferson, who didn't do much for us either. And hell, Jefferson was traded for Kurt Thomas and a never showing Bruce Bowen. Good stuff there, Bucks.

Anyway, Simmons career in the NBA may already be coming to a close after getting released by the Spurs. And if getting cut wasn't bad enough, the guy who took his spot on the roster is Chris Quinn. The same Chris Quinn that was the PG for the Fighting Irish, and then played a few years for the Heat and Nets (click on that link by the way to see just how far this guy has come, hes "fedor-able"). Oh, Bobby Simmons. I guess I didn't think your life would go straight downhill after your impressive 2004 season. But oh how it did.


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