Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long Season Ahead for Bucks

Say hello to your last place in the Central division Milwaukee Bucks. With a game against the Cavs on Wednesday, and then another Friday night against the Pistons, you would have thought the Bucks could win those two games. Instead, they found a way to lose both games and look awful doing it. On Wednesday Mo Williams hit a shot at the buzzer for the win. Milwaukee had only put up 13 points to piss away Wednesdays game, but worst of all turned the ball over on two of the last three possessions of the game. Cleveland escaped with the 83-81 win Wednesday night.

Things didn't get any better for Milwaukee on Friday night either. The Pistons put up 103 points on the Bucks, which at this point in the season seems to be an impossible number for the Bucks to match. They came out flat Friday night, and just let the Pistons do whatever they wanted to as they built an early lead. Every time Milwaukee got within three to five points, but then the Pistons would just go on another nice little run. In the end this game was never close, and the Bucks better get something figured out soon.

The Bucks record is now 5-10, and if you ask me I think that most people would have thought they would be more like 10-5 at this point. They better start winning some games, and that better start Saturday night. If they continue this streak of not winning the games that they should, they might as well kiss this season good-bye. If you want your eyes to bleed, here's a recap of the Pistons taking down the Bucks 103-89 Friday night.

I'm not going to bother with dissecting the stats because none of them are worth looking at. If the Bucks fall again Saturday night to the Bobcats this might be panic time for Milwaukee. They almost really need to win 7 of the next 10, or something like that, to get back into this thing.  Hopefully that starts on Saturday night, with an 8:00pm tip for the Bucks. Kind of a late start, and who knows maybe that's the key to helping them out. They need to do something, because I don't think things can get much worse than they are now.


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