Friday, November 5, 2010

Luis Cruz Calls Ken Macha "A Bit Racist"

Brewers infielder Luis Cruz told a reporter in Mexico that former manager Ken Macha was "a bit racist" and hinted that his being Latino was the reason he "wasn't given the opportunity" in Milwaukee last season.

“The truth is that he is very dry, very lethargic, a bit racist…but that’s all passed,” Cruz said.

Take what you want from this, give, take, give back, take again.  Macha was indeed one of the driest, un-inspiring managers I think the Brewers have ever had, and for once I can say that isn't just my opinion.

On the flip-side of this, Luis Cruz isn't anything to get excited about with a .221 career batting average.  He did have a solid year in Triple-A last year hitting .282, but the reason he wasn't "given the opportunity" has more to do with Escobar and Weeks clogging up the middle, and the demand for another utility just wasn't there.

I am not defending either side, there is a strong difference between "dry and lethargic" and "racist".  But somewhere in this past two years of Macha ruining Milwaukee baseball, anything was possible.


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