Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Morning YouTube Potpourri

Let's try another new feature here at The Bucky Channel, shall we? A lot of times I'll see something interesting on the web and I'll want to share it, even though it may or may not even have anything to do with sports. I'll usually bookmark the page with the intention to later still write a post on it, but... you know how I roll. However, things are different now at the new look Bucky Channel, so let's debut a new feature - It's Saturday Morning YouTube Potpourri.

Our first entry to the weekly column comes care of Days of Our Lives. Contrary to popular belief, I do not watch soap operas (and if I did, it would be General Hospital, thank you), but Days of Our Lives is becoming must-see television. Check out the following clip, and you'll soon discover why:

Now, I know that product placement in television is nothing new, and in cases like the Arrested Development episode that was sponsored by Burger King, it can be hilarious. But this Midol ad in the middle of a soap opera just seemed weird, and delightfully tacky. It was almost as if the actress not doing the advertisement was caught by surprise, similar to how Truman Burbank reacted when his wife tried to pitch cocoa beans to him during the middle of a fight between the two. Kudos to the Tosh.0 website for bringing this insanity to my attention, and look, there's more!

Are you seriously telling me this jackass has never had Chex Mix before!


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