Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thunder Slip Past Bucks

James Harden, you are sure right with that gesture, because all that the Bucks needed on Saturday night was a three pointer to send this one into overtime. But Brandon Jennings missed both chances he had, and Gooden couldn't convert an and-one put back. Either one of those goes down, and the Bucks may have taken this one into the extra period. Milwaukee got in a hole early, and just couldn't ever get over the hump, as the Thunder took this one 82-81.

The Bucks cut the lead to one on five different occasions, but they were never able to take the lead. I guess I don't know how to explain this, but the only thing that comes to mind is Carlos Delfino. Honestly, I think this team is lost on offense when Delfino is not on the court. Did I ever see myself saying this? No way, but it has to be said. Delfino needs to come back, and soon.

So even with no Durant and no Green, the Thunder still get a huge win in Milwaukee. You would think Westbrook would have been the guy to take over, but instead it was James Harden. He just keep hitting three pointers, and it seemed like he would fire one up and make it every time the Bucks were making a comeback.

Let's check out some other highlights from the game that knocked Milwaukee to a 5-8 record:

* Drew Gooden was pissed at halftime, but he played his best game as a Buck. He finished with 16 points and 16 rebounds. It is good to see some fire in these guys eyes, but they need to start finishing games. They need to start adding on wins instead of building up the L column.

* The Thunder took Jennings out of his game, because I think he doesn't want to be the guy with the most shots. He is looking to pass more this season, but the Thunder would double down on Bogut as well as double Salmons. That left Jennings open a lot and while he was able to put up 25, he would have needed 30+ for the Bucks to win this game.

* Milwaukee is 3-30 from downtown in the last two games. This also shows that Delfino is needed back ASAP. Also it would be nice if someone would start to get hot from deep.

* Eleven assists as a team is awful. It was another one on one game for the Bucks. This Thunder team is known for their lack of defense, but it just didn't seem like the Bucks took advantage of it.

* James Harden finished with 23 points and 9 rebounds. That is his best game of the season. I really thought he would have a breakout year, but I was not glad to see him breakout in the Bradley Center. He will earn the Hunter of the Night, and he also gave his coaches a reason to think about throwing him in the starting lineup.

Milwaukee has a slow Holiday week coming up, but they do have two Central division opponents on the horizon. On Wednesday they will face Cleveland and then they take on Detroit two days later. I don't see a reason why they can't take care of business in the next two games, but they will have to play as a team. Lets hope a Bucks win is the last thing we all will remember on Blackout Wednesday.

"The Bucks have to clean up sloppy play at crunch time."


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