Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Oversized Egos Too Much for Vikings

As much as I am a fan of Ted Thompson, sometimes it's the moves that he doesn't make that end up making him look smarter. Years ago, when Brett Favre whined and begged for the Packers to go out and trade for Randy Moss, Thompson didn't give in. Sure, the two players are a little older and the scenario may have been different but it's safe to say that the Randy Moss / Brett Favre experiment was not a success when it finally happened. It went so poorly, in fact, that Moss was dismissed from the Minnesota Vikings after his return visit to the franchise after just four weeks.

It's really one of the weirder situations I've ever seen in professional sports, the Randy Moss saga. He first breaks into the league and becomes a star in Minnesota, then loses two years of his career when he headed to Oakland and did nothing of note. Rumors had him teaming with Favre in Green Bay, but the Patriots trade for him instead and he rejuvenates his career under solid leadership. He starts to lag off towards the end of his tenure in New England, gets traded back to Minnesota where Brett Favre somehow ended up, an insane story in and of itself. With Moss, the Vikings go on a stretch of games that include the Jets (another former Favre team), the Cowboys (the team who Moss expected to be drafted by), Green Bay (where Favre and Moss almost first played together), and then New England (where Moss was just traded from four weeks prior). Then, after losing to New England in New England, Moss was so distraught about no longer being a Patriot that he held an impromptu press conference where he basically pleaded to come back for a second go around. You can't make this stuff up, folks. You just can't.

The comments made by Moss on Sunday night really did seem to get to Vikings coach Brad Childress, especially because Moss made it clear how much he favored Bill Belichick over his new coach. This apparently lead to Childress making a solo decision and informing his players that Randy Moss will no longer be a member of the Vikings. I can't imagine how Chilly is getting any sleep over in Minnesota, and this team has gone from one play away from the Super Bowl to one of the biggest dysfunctional units in the league. If only Chilly had the balls to do the same thing to Brett Favre that he just did to Randy Moss, something I am sure he wants to do more than anything.

The repercussions of this move are yet to be seen, but the word is that Childress has lost complete control of the locker room as a result of the actions. Clearly, grey balls Favre isn't going to take the news too well, and why he is still taking snaps as this team's quarterback is a joke. No single player is bigger than the team they say, something that no longer seems to be true in Minnesota. For Childress, it will be a miracle if he makes it to the end of the season, and all this madness may eventually lead to the Vikings inevitable move to L.A. It's crazy to watch all this happen, especially with how elated Vikings fans were when they brought Moss back into the fold. "We have the best team on paper, Super Bowl for sure," a friend of mine who is a Vikings fan said. Talk about your all-time backfires.

As for where Moss ends up, the rumors say that Seattle and Miami are interested, but the Dolphins only care about making the move more or less to block him from going back to New England via waivers. Moss clearly wants to go back to Boston, but gut feeling in me says it ain't happening. Although, how classic would it be if the Patriots got a third round pick out of Minnesota, and get Randy Moss back? I can maybe see a team like the Jets take a flier on him, or someone like the Bears perhaps, since Lovie's job is on the line anyways he might as well throw a Hail Mary. Or how about a trip to Green Bay, Andre Rison 2.0 anyone? (That was a joke, keep that trainwreck away from the Packers, please.) I'd actually be more surprised if he did play again this season than if he didn't, ala Keyshawn Johnson of 2003.

Sometimes egos are just too big too handle, and the Vikings already have their handful with one guy who is single-handily ruining their season as well as the career of their coach.

It's a one man job, Randy. Let Brett take it from here.


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