Saturday, November 6, 2010

A View From The Half *UPDATED*

Halftime score: Badgers 6 Boilers 10

Did Coach Bielema realize they were playing Purdue today? If you've been watching, you'll understand the reasons for that question. If not, well, congrats to you because this has been an awful, AWFUL half for Bucky considering the opponent and the fact that they're coming off their bye. The Badger Defense is getting flat-out, out-schemed in a BIG way.

Hopefully the coaching staff is lighting into these guys and Wisconsin gets their shit together. If not, Badger fans can kiss their BCS hopes goodbye.

Final score: Badgers 34 Boilers 13

A true tale of 2 halves. Bucky came out bangin' the Boilers with a quick pick and pretty much coasted in the second half. Montee Ball was a major contributor to the second half surge with 127 yards and 2 TD's. Ball took over the chief ball-toting duties after John Clay left early in the second half with knee injury. Credit Coach Bielema and the rest of the coaching staff for getting the team back on point.

After seeing this team handle this Purdue team playing like they had nothing to lose, fans should feel pretty damn good about this team moving forward.
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Winks said...

Fourth quarter just starting, Badgers up 20-13. This is the first chance I've had to watch the game (at work, not sleeping hungover thank you very much). I've been monitoring the score though and this was the exact scenario that I was worried about with this team.

Not sure what is wrong with Clay, my boy Montee Ball just broke for a big run though so hopefully they can put this team away and make the final score a little more desirable in the process.

Anonymous said...

Montee Ball! Pick Six! Bucky doing plenty of pushups in the second half.

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