Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 12 Betting Lines **UPDATED**

Well, for the second straight game, I’m claiming a week in the black with a 5-3 record. Thanks again to Chris and Dave at Packers Therapy sponsored by for allowing me to have a little fun with this season. If you’re not listening to them then what the hell are you waiting for? They’re sponsored which means they’ve gotta be legit, right? If you’re concerned that they’ll be overjoyed at a win and amazingly negative after a loss, don’t be. They’re not new to the party and look at the team with a level-headed and even-keeled perspective that allows listeners to see both the positives and negatives in both wins and losses.
This week’s game against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta has presented a list of tight lines which may prove to be my downfall. If I’m going to maintain my winning ways, I need some softballs fellas! HIT IT!

Team Sacks
Line: 1.5
This is a tough one because Matt Ryan has a quick release and is a good quarterback who’s only been sacked 15 times this year. On top of that, this is a good offense overall which will test this Packers Defense. They only got one last week on Brett Favre. They’ll pressure Ryan but I’m taking the UNDER.
**Cullen Jenkins had 1 and so did Frank Zombo. That's 2 and I was thinking 1...not a good start. -1**

Aaron Rodgers Touchdowns
Line: 2.5
After the last two games, how could you not go over? He can get them running and passing but this is a good defense. But he can run and pass, OVER.
**He ran 1 in and threw a missile to Jordy on 4th down in the 4th quarter before the the completely UN-Special Teams Unit allowed the Falcons to start in plus territory for the game winner. -1...Uh-oh...trending down here**

Sam Shields Return Yards
Line: 80
He didn’t get opportunities last week as Minnesota didn’t score. He’ll have chances this week but the Vikings also kicked away from him last week. UNDER
**He had 87 -1...I don't like what is happening here**

Line: 6
They’ve righted the ship and only had one in Minneapolis which is more of a sports town than Atlanta could ever hope to be. UNDER
**Since when is a stiff arm IN-BOUNDS a penalty? That was the 6th, Bulaga's false start was the 7th and Wilhelm's attempt to rip the returner's facemask off was the 8th which is still more than 6. -1...looks like a losing week here**

Atlanta Rushing Touchdowns
Line: 2.5
Michael Turner is a good running back and they do have other guys behind him who can punch it in as well but Matt Ryan has Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. UNDER
**Well, I got this one right. Turner still smoked the Packers who COULD NOT FREAKING TACKLE! +1**

Tim Masthay Punting Average
Line: 41
This is a tough one. He averaged 39.2 in five punts last week but some of those were coffin kicks inside the 20. This is a field position indicator and this team is moving the ball well. UNDER
**Only 2 punts for ol Timmy and his average was more than 41. Thank goodness we've got a solid punter but, damn, I was wrong again. -1**

How Many More Carries Does Dimitri Nance get than John Kuhn
Line: 10
Apparently the JK Experiment is over. It would seem that Kuhn was simply a place-holder until Nance gained McCarthy’s confidence and after last week’s performance, it appears that he’s gotten it. Keep in mind that Nance was picked up from the Falcon’s Practice Squad so they know what he’s capable of and one would think this would factor into his touches. I believe the number will be right around 10 but I’ll take the UNDER.
**He went out with a concusion but had 1 carry. Kuhn had none. I WAS RIGHT! Too little, to late. +1**

And there you have it. See, I told you it was a tight line this week. It’s going to be a close game this week…of course, I said that last week as well and it really wasn’t close.
**With a record of 2-5, I record my first losing week. I knew it was coming...I think everyone did. Props to Dave with Packers Therapy for going 6-1. I'm feeling good about this week though! The mantra of the degenerate gambler.**

Also, you can follow Chris and Dave on twitter at @PackersTherapy and find them on Facebook as well as us.


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