Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 8 Betting Lines *UPDATED*

Here's a little fun for your Wednesday...or Thursday through Sunday for that matter. I'm a podcast guy...not making them, listening to them. It keeps me sane during the workdays and instead of people judging my music tastes, I fill the air with the sweet sounds of Ira Glass or Packer press conferences and any other sporting minutiae that peaks my interest. One of those podcasts that I tend to look forward to is Packers Therapy. These guys aren't insiders by any means. They're just fans who seem to have a little more insight and maybe pay a little more attention than your typical big time Packers fan. It's also entertaining to see the frustration that many of us feel bubble out of their mouths as well. Anyway, they've recently started setting odd betting lines and I thought I'd like to see how well I can do versus their "spread". Feel free to play along and I invite you to listen to Chris and Dave as it's usually quite interesting listening to the skepticism and down-right cynicism that we all catch ourselves saying from time to time.

Total Touchdowns for Brandon Jackson
Line: 1
For whatever reason, McCarthy is in love with John Kuhn and should they decide to run it inside the 5, I see it going to him rather than B. Jax...unfortunately. However, I can see Brandon taking a screen to the house so while I want to push...I'll take the UNDER.
*Didn't get this one...he had two...WHO KNEW?*

Passes defended by Charlie Peprah
Line: 2
This guy has really stepped up knowing that he's really the last line back there since Bigby is not ready and Anthony Smith is apparently not up to speed yet. I see Dallas throwing a lot in this game so I'm giving the points and taking the OVER.
*Ok, this one was silly and rather un-trackable but Kitna didn't get the ball down the field enough so I'm assuming he didn't have any and I missed here too.*

Tackles by Desmond Bishop
Line: 13
Why this guy hasn't been playing more is beyond me. He had 10 on Sunday versus the Jets. 13 is too many. UNDER
*This one was too easy. The Cowboys barely even had 13 PLAYS! Des had 4. A noble effort and one tackle was a sack but I got this one going away.*

Passing Touchdowns by Aaron Rodgers
Line: 2
Hopefully the offense's poor performance last week sparked something in Rodgers. I think it did and I see A Rod going off...OVER.
*He got 3 which is 1 more than 2...another win.*

James Jones Drops
Line: 1
This guy had a sure touchdown bounce off the palms of his hands against the Jets. With all the targets he's been seeing lately and with the reported absence of Donald Driver for Sunday's game, this has got to be OVER.
*Ok, so JJ had a great game but he did have a drop...and a fumble which is literally where he dropped the ball so I'm taking this as a win.*

John Kuhn Run Plays
Line: 6
He got 8 last week and I see them trying to salt the game away in the second half against a depleted Cowboy offense directed by John Kitna. This experiment has got to stop but it's not going to this week, I'll say OVER though it's definitely a push-worthy line.
*Good Lord! This guy had as many as Brandon Jackson (13)! I knew McCarthy liked him and unfortunately that signals a continuance of the "JK Experiment" as I will henceforth refer to it. Another +1.*

Sacks by Clay Matthews
Line: 2.5
The hardest one...he'll probably nail it on the head. The flip side is the Packers will hopefully be up by enough that they'll be able to give hims a few plays off in the second half to make sure he doesn't re-injure that hamstring going into the bye-week. Kitna's a statue back there but 2 is a good number so I'll go UNDER. He'll press the pocket and allow guys like Raji and Green to topple over on top of Dallas' QB.
*He didn't come out until late in the 4th but he did have 1 sack. As mentioned previously, the 'Boys just weren't on the field enough. Winner, winner.*

Packer Interceptions
Line: 1.5
Kitna threw 4 last week against the Jaguars...'nuff said. OVER
*Thank you Sam Shields and Clay Matthews. Win*

There you have it. The Peprah one will be tough but the rest are simple. Lose money to your friends, impress your spouse or just prove that you're better than me.
*I got 6 out of 8...anyone know of a casino specializing in ridiculous betting lines? I might be able clean 'em out.*


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