Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 9 Pack Fan / Bears Fan (Oof Edition)

Wooo, what can we say that hasn't been said? Great win for the Green Bay Packers heading into their bye. Apparently, they had time to pose for pictures DURING the game. But honestly, what does it tell fans? How terrible is this Dallas Cowboys team? Well, they fired the coach on Monday and it didn't seem like there was much effort in the second half. Either way you look at it, the Packers played well, Rodgers and his receivers were on the same page and the team brought their record to 6 and 3 heading into their week off.

Pack Fan

  1. Offense: Let's look at a few key stats:
    First Downs: 26 (8 passing/15 running)
    Third Down Conversions: 10 of 15
    Time of Possession: 37:56
    Rushing yards: 138
    Aaron Rodgers QB Rating: 131.5
    Turnovers: 0
    The whole offensive unit played well. Rodgers wasn't missing receivers. James Jones really got the opportunities he was complaining about early in the week and stepped up in Driver's absence. The running backs were getting ample opportunities. Hell, even Dimitri Nance got a handful of carries instead of the motion out of the backfield play he's been known for for the past few weeks.
  2. Defense: Let's look a a few key Cowboy stats:
    First Downs: 12
    Third down Conversions: 4 of 10
    Time of Possession: 22:04
    Turnovers: 4
    Sacks allowed: 4
    Even though the Packers only sacked Kitna 4 times, they were in his kitchen all night. Clay Matthews was again a monster with a full stat line including a sack and an interception return for a touchdown. Charles Woodson had a great game as well and has really bounced back after a rough, penalty-filled start to the season. Tramon Williams continues to impress and Sam Shields had a great interception. Aside from the Nick Collins helmet-to-helmet hit, which drew a $50,000 fine, and the Dez Bryant touchdown towards the end of the first half, this defense put forth another tremendous effort. With the bye week, look for an rested and healthier unit to continue their improvement.
  3. Kick-Off Return: Did the team finally find a returner? McCarthy seemed to imply this when he noted in his Monday press conference that Sam Shields will be the guy from now on. Obviously this could change if he develops a case of butterfingers or regresses but his lone return on Sunday night, a 49 yard scamper out of the end-zone, was quite impressive. After getting a shot in the preseason and blowing it with his inability to consistently catch the ball, he's apparently improved so significantly that McCarthy and Slocum have decided that he's the best option over all the other guys who've appeared back there so far this season.
Bears Fan
  1. Al Harris no longer a Packer: WHAT THE FUCK??!?!? Seriously, with all the depth issues this team has had, his veteran presence and (alleged) willingness to play a nickel or dime role, why do this? This just doesn't make sense unless you've got insider knowledge of the situation but even Al, himself seemed surprised. Packers fans as a whole did not see this coming and it was perceived that he'd be activated this week. With the announcement that he's signed with Miami, there's no need to worry about seeing him at this point but this is simply a bewildering and shocking move. So long Al, thanks for making Matt Hasselbeck look like a complete asshole.
  2. The Running Game: It's hard to come up with negatives after a complete game like that but what is with, what I have dubbed, the "JK Experiment?" Why does John Kuhn continue to get so many carries? What is the deal with the toss plays? Aren't toss plays designed for guys that are fast and can reach that edge quicker than the defenders? I like Kuhn, he's a good fullback with sure hands, I like saying "KUUUUUUUHN" when he gets a carry...but saying it 13 freakin' times? That's definitely going to get old and this team need to establish Brandon Jackson. Also, the old T formation with the three fullbacks was a nice touch, especially bringing it in against the Cowboys, but let's be honest...nobody's getting much from that set. It's a "run into the pile" formation that is going to net, maybe, 3 yards. Additionally, James Starks has been activated. This is a guy who hasn't played a down since his junior year at the University of Buffalo in 2008. For those of you keeping score, Al Harris cut after becoming eligible from the PUP, James Starks signed to active roster...WHAT?
  3. The Bye: This is a good news/bad news scenario. It's great to see the Packers reach the bye with a 6 and 3 record and get some much needed rest/healing time but fans are left with little to root for. The Bears play the Vikings...who do you root for? Obviously, the strategic vote is the Vikings, but do you want to see the Vikings win? Do yourself a favor, ESPN's latest 30 for 30 on Marcus Dupree was fantastic. Set your DVR/Tivo/VCR? to record it whener it's replayed and watch that at 1 PM EST/12 CST and thanks me later. Don't forget to keep your computer or phone handy to keep up with your fantasy team though.
I'm hoping for a 65-65 tie in that Bears-Vikings game. Come on AP...God, I hate saying that. Week 11 brings us the fourth (& final?) Favre-bowl in Minny. The defense looked great in the last 3 games heading into the bye...should be a good game!


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