Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 11 Pack Fan/Bears Fan (The SWEPT Edition)

What can be said that hasn’t already been said? Not much which is a good thing since I didn’t get to watch this game. No, I decided that it was a better idea to sit out in the rain and try, in vain, to “harvest” a deer…ANY deer. Alas, it didn’t happen and when we finally decided to pack it in after I had missed 3 deer running from my left at a distance of approximately 40 yards, we found a rather surprising result to a game we both expected to be fairly tight. Generally being a man of few words let me not disappoint and get to the brief rundown this week.

Pack Fan
  1. Rodgers is BACK: A quarterback rating of 141.3 this week and a second straight game over 130 is a good sign that the offense may have found their feet after early season struggles. No doubt he’s playing well after a low point against the Jets and it’s safe to say that fans should be feeling a lot better about this team after the early season swoon attributed to injury among other things.
  2. Jennings is BACK (as well): With the rather significant losses of Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley and the nagging injury that seems to be hampering Donald Driver, Jennings is finding his way back the elite level fans have seen from him in the past. Rodgers needed someone to step-up and hopefully Jennings will be targeted earlier in the progression reads that this offense is built around going forward.
  3. D-FENCE: Again, this defense is rounding into shape and proving that last year was no fluke. It’s definitely been beneficial that the injury bug hit the team early giving the young guys like Sam Shields and the guys who had been watching from the sidelines like AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop a chance to get their legs under them and prove the depth that Ted Thompson has provided this coaching staff. The remaining games will continue to test this unit but fans should feel confident in Capers’ system and the players on this roster.
  4. Penalties: Only one again this week. It seems like the McCarthy and his staff has righted the ship after the horrendous display against the Bears in the third game of the season against Chicago. Mall of America field is a loud environment which tends to produce numerous false-start penalties for visiting teams. This week there wasn’t a single one for this team which is a good sign heading into another dome game this week in Atlanta.
Bears Fan
  1. Tight Ends: Not having seen the game, it’s hard to come up with anything disappointing about this game other than the lack of production from this position (which is why there are only two negatives). In general, this offense needs to get more from these guys. The lack this week may be a result of the Viking defense allowing for the wide receivers to be more open and Rodgers not having to check down but without a real threat at tight end with the loss of Finley, this could be a concern going forward.
  2. Running Back: It was nice to see Nance get some time and show Packer fans why Thompson picked this guy up but there’s no real set #1 and it’s fairly late in the season to be auditioning. Hopefully the running back-by-committee approach will prove to be successful going forward. James Starks being activated may add depth but no one really knows what to expect from him.
The safeties will be tested this week by Tony Gonzalez and Matt Ryan so fans should find out a lot about this team this week and how they’ve adapted to the roster upheaval the marked the beginning of the season.


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