Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What the Hell, Bucks?

Talk about a buzz kill. This Milwaukee Bucks team has been just that this year. Milwaukee can look so great at certain times, but just so bad at others. That was the case on Tuesday night, when we saw the Bucks put up another good first half only to falter in the second. Don't get me wrong Portland is a good team, which as I said in my NBA preview they were my sleeper team in the West. But Milwaukee should be able to hang with good teams for four quarters, win or lose. They jumped out to a good lead in the first quarter, because Carlos  Delfino was on fire. Then the bench struggled to start the second quarter, but the Bucks were only down two.

In the second half the Bucks decided to build a new rec center for the Boys and Girls Club rather than play NBA basketball. Milwaukee put up a huge 31 point total in the second half. As I watched it with my roommates it was getting to the point were we'd rather look for other television options rather than sit through this garbage. So "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze" seemed like a better choice for awhile. After that we watched the Rock in "Walking Tall" try to save his childhood small town. Okay, you can see where this is going. Milwaukee better start giving a full effort all game instead of this playing try hard for only a couple of quarters crap.

No highlights to talk about from Tuesdays game for the Bucks, so lets check out some stuff the Blazers did.

* Marquette alumni Wesley Matthews was a huge spark off the bench for the Trailblazers Tuesday night. He finished the game with 18 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. He jacked up a team high 8 three pointers, and played a little like a gunslinger Tuesday night. It worked for him Tuesday, but I can't imagine him doing this every night.

* So I guess I never knew this, but Andre Miller and Brandon Roy get fouled, or at least they think they do, every time they drive to the hoop.

* Armon Johnson, whoever you are, you looked like an All-Star Tuesday night. He finished perfect from the field 4-4, 2-2 from downtown, had 10 points and 5 assists.

* Matthews will get the Hunter of the Night award for Tuesday. It could go to all six guys who scored in double figures for Portland, but Matthews gets it for his ties to Wisconsin.

Overall this Bucks team looks lost right now, and they better find themselves quick. They got Boston on Wednesday night, so things are not getting easier. This Bucks team is so good on paper, but if they don't put any effort on the court, being good on paper gets you nowhere. The good thing is it is still early so we could rattle off a seven game win streak to get the ball rolling. But they could also get beat five games in a row if they don't figure out what they are doing wrong.

"The Trail Blazers pretty much did whatever they wanted to offensively,"


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