Monday, November 1, 2010

Where Are They Now?: Terrence Murphy

Drafted out of Georgia in 2005, NFL linebacker Thomas Davis has been putting together quite the career with the Carolina Panthers. He may not be a household name outside of the Carolinas, but he's become one of the foundations of their defense. That's all you can really ask for when you get drafted anyway, isn't it? To have a long, successful, and healthy career before ultimately retiring and living off the money you made in league. If that's the goal, then Thomas Davis is right on track.

Not on track? The player that Davis hit on a helmet-to-helmet collision while going for a loose ball on a fumble back in 2005, none other than former Packer wide receiver Terrence Murphy (although you could also blame Najeh Dumpenport for fumbling the kickoff return in the first place, or for that matter Mike Sherman for putting Dumpenport on kickoff returns). T-Murph was drafted in the second round of that same 2005 draft after a decorated career at Texas A&M, and instantly became a favorite of mine when he was the first athlete to accept my Facebook request (he has since deleted me as a friend). But after only five catches in his short NFL career, Murphy suffered spinal stenosis as a result of the hit by Davis, which basically means if He were to keep playing there'd be a likely chance that he'd eventually be knocked paralyzed (not unlike how the Packers lost Sterling Sharpe to retirement).

In the days since then, I have tried to follow Murphy's life on Facebook to see what he's been up to (until he deleted me of course). I don't recall specifics, but it seemed to me that the highlights of Murphy's post-NFL life were buying new cars and returning back to College Station to hang out and party with his college buddies, living off what I can only assume was a healthy injury settlement from the Packers and the league. It was clear that Murphy was never going to be able to play football again, but Murphy did stay close to the game by spending a season back up in Green Bay as a coaching intern, and also coaching wide outs and kick returners at Trinity Valley Community College in some ghost town named Athens, Texas. After his internship with the Packers though, he was never to be heard from again.

Until I came across this little website,

It looks like our old friend T-Murph has settled into a second career as a real estate agent in the College Station area, and he's seemingly doing quite well for himself. According to his website, he currently has twelve properties listed on the market, ranging from your average one-story home to plots over land with over 500 yards over acreage, although upon second glance it appears some of those listings have already been spoken for. His future looks promising as well, as according to a quote from his new Facebook page (which I am now a fan of), the market is "not bad as long as we have that 5,200 acre campus sitting in the middle of town." Looks like T-Murph didn't lose his sense of humor over the years, either. In a quote directly from his real-estate site:

Terrence comes with five years of experience in the real estate industry. As an investor, a general contractor building custom homes, and participating in residential development projects. Currently his personal real estate company manages a portfolio of investment properties. As an ambassador for A&M, Terrence frequently accepts speaking engagements around the state in order to speak about the university he cherishes. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Letterman’s Association also.

So for those of you losing at sleep at night wondering what ever happened to Terrance Murphy, hopefully you will now be put at ease. By the way, nothing is easier to fudge on resumes than "years of experience". In the passage above, it looks like T-Murphy worked a little construction and maybe helped with a Habitat for Humanity project or two somewhere down the line, and boom that's five years. As for me, I've done things such as worked as a photographer/reporter at a news station for awhile, I've spent time selling cable packages, and I've also worked bitch crew at a low-dump independent TV station. Not all consecutively, but I've done it. Add it up though and suddenly that's ten years of experience right there in the television industry. Yet, when I was unemployed, people treated my resume as if they were Tom Delay and I was anthrax. Guess it helps to be a former NFL player when you're looking for work.


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