Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Late ACC/Big Ten Challenge Preview

For about seven years now Winks and I have been betting on the annual ACC/Big Ten challenge. We bet on the games with the spread in mind, with Winks always taking the Big Ten while I go with the ACC. For that reason, it was an easy way for me to make some good drinking money off of him for the first few years. But my how the table has turned in his favor. The ACC has been slacking of late, and doesn't seem to be the big power house conference it once was. I know Duke won it all last season, but other than them the ACC didn't really have much to offer.

Not sure I see any change happening this season. On Monday night, Virgina shocked Minnesota to get the ACC out to an early 1-0 lead. Minnesota beat UNC a few weeks ago, and really looked like a team that could be really good this year. Now I feel that UNC might just be that bad again this year. UNC has been my team forever, so I hope they can figure it out. In fact, they are almost playing as well as the Bucks right now (which I will get back to writing about later this week, it's just been too depressing around the Bradley Center so far).  If I was a real betting man I would put my money on the Big Ten this year, but I have to stay with what I have done over the past few years. Good thing we only bet like three bucks a game.

So that's our extensive Bucky Channel preview, but I had to get the article about the Packers loss off of the top of the page. ESPN and their "experts" put together their predictions and a deeper preview, so check this out if you want to figure out when your team is playing, and who they are playing. This year Wisconsin has NC State at home on Wednesday at 6:15 central time. I think after the let down against Notre Dame last weekend, you can expect the Badgers to bounce back at home.


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