Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brett Favre is a Dick, Reason #179

I knew there was something fishy about Brett Favre going from ruled as out to suddenly starting the game on Monday Night against the Chicago Bears, and I think I now know the reason why - He was trying to throw the game in the Bears favor by playing, and playing shitty! Maybe that is a stretch, but maybe it isn't. Sure, Joe Webb looked like garbage, but perhaps Favre wanted to put matters into his own hands by making sure the Bears won the NFC North, impeding that route to the playoffs for the Green Bay Packers. I mean, after all, he did tell Julius Peppers after the game to "go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks", so what can we really put pass this asshole at this point?

This is why we still hate you Brett. Because you hate us. You could have avoided any animosity from us a long time ago if you would have made your decisions with your heart and not your ego, but since you've left Green Bay you've decided to take the jilted ex-lover route. Usually, when parents get divorced they still do what's best for their children, and you and the Packers divorce has left millions of Packers fans wondering if there was something they could have done to keep mommy and daddy together. But the more you do shit like this, the more we don't care about you. Hell, we even starting called the new guy "Dad" already. 

What was said on the field between Peppers and Favre after their Monday night game is between them, but why would Peppers lie about something like this, especially when this is just going to prove as motivation for the Packers when they play in two weeks? I guess it's not even Favre that I'm upset at over a comment like this, it's more the "Packer fans" that still side with Favre even though he continues to prove that he doesn't give two shits about Green Bay or anyone who has ever rooted for them. Hell, Favre won't even say the words "Green Bay" or "Packers" in public as his continual effort to give us the cold shoulder. Al Harris took out a full page ad in the Journal Sentinel thanking Packer fans for his time here, and you can't even give us a little sign of acknowledgement? 

Since Brett has left, he's now openly rooted against the Packers, tried to help Matt Millen and the Lions gameplan for the Packers in 2008, showed his four inch penis to the world, almost took our rival Vikings to a Super Bowl, retired and unretired from the Jets just so that he could try to stick it to the Packers by playing for said Vikings (and did beat us twice), and people still like this asshole? Why exactly is that again?

I'll remain firm in that I'll never go back to liking Favre, but I fear that a lot of people on the Favre hating bandwagon will eventually change sides once enough time has passed. But maybe enough time never will pass, especially if Favre keeps doing things to spit in the face of Packers fans. I've always said that I think the Packers should retire his number via a press release and not a public ceremony, but at this point, just fuck it. Give it to some kicker and retire it for him or something. Or just never issue it again not out of honor, but out of shame. This guy is an asshole and we owe him nothing. 

Now let's go win the next two games and shove it in Favre's shitty face. 


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